Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Sleeping Sword

What can I do? What can you do? You have access to information, a sense of history, and knowledge of what worked in the past. You can solve problems, you have solved problems, dealt with situations personal, emotional, financial, and spiritual. You are confident in the face of adversity, react with calm and reason, make good choices, and are crowned with a reasonable measure of success. You are above the norm on the normal curve. You are an adult. You look around at your sphere of influence, and it works. Yours is not the world of a glue sniffer. At times you look to the greater universe, the one beyond your grasp. There you see problems you can easily solve; some problems are larger, but you research and find proven solutions that worked in the past; other problems, already beyond your reach, are beyond your grasp. None the less, you see things, situations, where you can see a solution, but cannot implement it. Your sword is asleep. How do you wake it up?

Obviously, you have tried already. Everything, you have tried. Write letters to the editor. Give money to activists. Vote your conscious. Uh Huh. Choose your words carefully. Avoid certain truths in the presence of the thin skinned and soft of brain. You are adept at waiting, being patient, and looking calm while the glue sniffing intellects wax hysterically. No more. No more should your sword sleep in your hand. Problems, be gone! Smite them. Cut your problems into pieces and dispose of them accordingly.

Thinking outside the box. You lack the resources to effect regime change. Your private army and fanatic minions are insufficient. Besides, total world domination would interfere with your recreation. Still, the sword calls for action. It will sing as it swings through the air before the crunch and the wet noises begin. How do you wake it up? In a way that is effective, satisfying, and does not lead you into prison or the grave? You want this, but your sword remains asleep. I suggest you unleash the latent powers of your mind. It costs nothing. The only people that would disapprove of these methods are Christians, and who listens to them anymore? A small investment of time and imagination is all that is asked. Later, having proven to yourself that these methods are effective, you may wish to invest in some small figurines and art supplies in order to extend the reach and grasp of your chess board of domination.

Thoughts are things. If you cannot physically work the solution, you can, at least, visualize it. You need a comfortable place where you feel secure, a sanctuary. In your sanctuary is a place to work: a desk, a table, a bench. The ancients called this an altar. The objects on this are special to you. For visualization, get comfortable and visualize the effective solutions. Have other people effect the changes necessary. Visualize your thoughts entering their minds through their ears or eyes. Your mind controls the images, and they are obedient to your suggestions. Give it a try. It costs nothing.

Correspondence of objects. The world is your chessboard and you are the master. Acquire a few interesting objects and bind them to persons. You can find a wealth of amusing things sold as children's toys: The orc warrior can have his flag repainted to represent the AMA, and the troll war elephant can be the Democratic party. Make a suitable map to serve as chess board, place it upon your work bench in your sanctuary, and start to make changes. Keep notes, keep a journal. You do want to keep track of what works. Positions of pieces, time of day, background music, and evocative incense all might have their effect. Above all, have fun. Learn, dare, be silent.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.


  1. Due to the late unpleasantness, I face a new challenge. But Set the Snake God will surely help drain the blood of my tormentors. You can watch as I throw their bloated corpses into the drinking reservoirs of my enemies here:

  2. Such refreshing post Christian Pagan sentiment. Very third world. Makes me smile.