Sunday, August 18, 2013

How to bend people to your will using the Tarot

11. Having had some business with the Major Arcana we can now turn our attention to the lesser or Minor Arcana. You will be using the Minor Arcana, of course, in your work to bend the universe to your ends.

The three card phrase. The Kabbalah hints at the concept of pairing and grouping together of letters (Major Arcana) to form more complex concepts. The same can be done with the lesser. I assume you are familiar with some of the basic concepts. For example, there is a progression from Ace to Ten, a natural flow. Let us utilize the triad of Ace, Nine, Ten...

There are some sixty four combinations of Ace - Nine - Ten. I suggest you avoid the selections that use the suit of Swords (er, spades) for now. For material wealth, those with the Ace of Pentacles are effective; likewise Cups for romance and fertility; and Wands for wisdom. Keep track of what you are doing in your journal to fine tune the results.

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