Saturday, October 29, 2011

Horoscope for the week of Halloween, 2011

Halloween falls in the time of year ruled by Scorpio. For some reason, this festival designed to appease the dead spirits who roam the earth has been turned into a commercial sales event, good for merchants of liquor, lust driven primates of all genders, and crafty flea merchants flogging knick knackery at 800 percent markups. Well, it is Scorpio, after all.

Some teach that those who die with revenge on their minds become ghosts. Their spirits roam the earth, making mischief. The greater the injustice they have endured, the greater their ability to torment the criminal, the cruel, or the casual tyrant who sent them off this mortal coil. However, the principle of Equilibrium kicks in at this, and for some of our ghostly souls, they seek more vengeance than is justified, they blame the wrong person, and they have turned their faces from the light. All religions teach that there is an external agency (of some sort) that rights wrongs; Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord. So, by definition, these wandering ghosts have one ectoplasmic foot in the wrong, even as they seek the right. The Druids, in their pagan way, sought to appease their chaotic evil varying by chaotic good effects by way of a festival, which has come down to us as Halloween.

Scorpio is a deadly serious sign. In our present times, with Christianity under prosecution by leftist elites, the doors closed by the Piscean age mystics are now being re-opened. You can dress this up according to your tastes and fashion. The djinn put away by Solomon are being released by virtue of Solomon's faith being reviled, say. Or that the reality map of people who embrace pagan belief includes all aspects of pagan belief, especially the stuff they haven't bothered to learn about. You can get all gushy and mushy about Gaia, but Gaia worship comes with her association with three wars in heaven, the generation of races of monsters, and uprisings of alliances of war gods wielding weapons of supernatural power. Where will you be when Gaia goes to war? Are you one of the monsters, hunted by Jove's thunderbolts? Are you one of the soldiers in the army of Mars, swallowed by the Hydra, burnt by Dragons, or poisoned by snakes? So, how you celebrate Halloween is important. If you do not embrace the resurrected pagan beliefs, then you will be effected by those that do. They will be carried along by the scripts and demands of the collective subconscious. It might be best to stay out of their way. For those that have abandoned the better teachings of the Piscean age, you will find yourself drafted into the tossing storms of the Aquarian. Either way, you should prepare.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Civilis not Spartacus

Do you remember high school? In my time, the dumbing down process was just starting. An arts degree from the University of Toronto meant you were talented, an elite. Not like now.

One aspect of the dumbing down
was the instructor cultivating favor by not actually teaching. The hard stuff, like math, or grammar, or whatever, was quietly ignored while the teacher told enlightening stories. I learnt more about this technique during my time teaching in a private school. I actually got a chance to look at the curriculum, old and new. When I inspected the requirements for my old grade 13 studies, it was not difficult to see that vast swathes of material had been ignored, despite Ministry of Education direction. Ho ho ho. Imagine that. In the gaps were filed anecdotes about the great heroes of Bolshevism, guys like Spartacus * .

Glorious Comrade Spartacus. What a great guy. He led a rebellion against the one percent, the evil Roman Empire. Back then, the Roman Empire was an evil construct of capitalism, unlike now, when it is a glorious example of making multi-culturalism work. Back then, one of the criticisms of the empire was their absurd notion that a mix of cultures would get along; Red social theory, as taught in Ontario High Schools in the seventies, was that the ideal state had only one culture. Gauls, Celts, Semites, and Romans just could not co-exist in a state, in the revealed wisdom of the time. A mixture of cultures was so much oil and water, an excuse for the evil capitalists to exploit the working classes along cultural lines. Hence the noble rebellion of Spartacus. And any Red teacher talking about Spartacus always lead to the wonderful Spartacist uprising * . Being a natural student of history, and quite unaware of how my education was being stolen from me by my subversive (but well pensioned) teachers, I enjoyed these hours of historical dissertation given in a diversity of non-history classes.

The Red Front instructors never talked about Civilis * * , though. These people rebelled against Rome, too. But the Batavians were not slaves. No, they were the elite of the Roman, the Julio-Claudian army. I guess their story did not fit the fiction the socialists were trying to paint. This being a story of an ability group doing the Galt thing and shrugging. The Romans, being great crushers of men, crushed the rebellion. You can read the details yourself and form your own opinion. You are not a bored student, and there are more interesting ways to teach mathematics now a days, like African Dance, or lurid anecdotes about Lesbian sexual practices which you can participate in when you advance in the ranks of the people's party.

Can you learn from history? I do, but anything not politically correct, is best kept for yourself, only to be shared with people you trust. You can learn, for example, that the Spartacist uprising was triggered when an arch-socialist was let go from his job * . Socialists do not go easily; the pinkos respond poorly to pink slips. You can predict that the fall of the CBC will not be without excitement. You can learn, for example, that oppression of those that do (to wit, the Batavians, who provided these elite troops for the Julio-Claudians) leads to revolt. Real revolt, not the occupy the parks and complain about the racist domination of condom colors by white centered choices. Read and compare, contrast the early red impulse to the later, uh, counter revolutionary. Enjoy.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Morning Post

I have never been so calm and peaceful as I am right now. It is a peaceful morning in the City of Light, Toronto. The perfect blessings of diversity rain down like the forgotten snow we used to have before Global Warming made winter go away forever. I have my morning coffee, my croissant, my warm chow delivered by the thoughtful people of Meals on Wheels (they just started to deliver meals to my address, morning and night, and no amount of calling and e-mailing can get them to stop). I open my unpaid for copy of the Red Star (it just started up some months ago; it will not be stopped either: it gives something for the advertisers to pay for, I guess), expecting another lurid story about some queer teen who has shot himself in the face. Not today, thank any god but Christ. But my thoughts turn to gun control. Not that I have a gun, or anything. No, I do not collect guns. I collect mortars.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Activist versus Activist

The great Red Star arrives on my front porch every day. It carries with it the voice and the presence of the progressive movement. Some long departed tenant pays for the subscription; I get to throw it out with the recycling. Today is Sunday. I will not talk of my religious practices: I might offend someone, which is an indirect way of saying that I am a Christian. I get better results when I say that I proselytize for Set, the Snake God. There, this morning, on a day somewhat special for those somewhat spiritual, was an article concerning a baby born prematurely. I closed my mouth as I considered reading the article: this must be an attempt to get me to slurp down white guilt, abortion flavor.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Sleeping Sword

I watched on state television the on the street survey of typical Hyphenated-Canadians opinions about the murder of tyrant Colonel Q. Imagine that, the man on the street, when interviewed by the Red press, does not give a hork of spit for the Geneva conventions. Who cares? When asked, it is because Colonel Q was not a popular guy. Just like popular President Zero can have American citizens assassinated, whereas unpopular President W cannot even have non-citizens tortured to save the lives of other citizens. The citizen assassinated, the citizen in question is not a popular guy, so the establishment can ignore that due process stuff delineated on that mere scrap of paper*, the Constitution. Being popular or unpopular is important, one concludes. If some other president of a stamp other than the popular President Zero had had a citizen bumped off, there would be hell to pay in the Red press, kinda like the fuss over the torture thing. Hmmm. For the astute citizen of the current era, an understanding of this popularity thing is important. Your life could be snuffed out because of it, right, er, left?

Friday, October 21, 2011

A Victims Perspective

Take your sorry capitalist ass down to the Occupy Toronto encampment. Step past the outstretched hands asking for a handout, and keep clear of materials that may carry bedbugs. There in the Solvent Fanciers Congress you will find Moe-Moe, victim of the greedy one percent that ruin the lives of the ninety-nine.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The end of the world as we know it

Just check out this link * . It contains a partial run down of the unspoken epidemic of 'youth' crime across this continent. As anyone familiar with Youtube * , you know that 'youth' crime is disproportionately unreported by the JournoLista media * *, and there are now websites popping up that just address the issue *. And, thanks to a Court decision here in racist shithole Canada, I can only just now link to sites that would probably upset the white guilt slurper elites. So what? Ten thousand days of spending have not solved the problems of 'youth' crime; hundreds of thousands of souls are holding down pension generating jobs, banking sick days, and voting to preserve the status quo. It is not going to change any time soon. I guess.

Watching Television

Can the Americans make a war movie that is not a progressive PCP * inspired version of Vietnam? I wonder.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The end of the world as we know it

I took advantage of an opportunity to travel throughout Ontario these last few months. Ontario is rotten with political correctness. Global warming is a common belief that springs easily to lips of the second generation flower children; progressive thought is the new Dutch Elm disease *.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The One Percent

It is a cold dreary day in Toronto this Sunday, October 16, 2011. All the cool kids are heading out to the protest, all ninety nine percent of them. This past summer I hung out with the one percent, the market capitalists, the M.C. Being only one percent of the population, they are hard to find. The first one I caught up with was making a few bucks selling stuff at one of those festivals so popular in rural Ontario. It was eight o'clock in the morning. He had three tables in front of him; he was selling kitsch. The fair closes at ten pm; his thirteen hour day was just beginning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Joy of Dumping

The Subversive Consumer * * has moved past his anger, you will be relieved to know. Like all intelligent creatures, he adapts. And having once been filled with rage over having to pay twice for socialist social services, then having to endure the half efforts of the half witted socialists delivering them, now he smiles; not the shit eating smile of the citizens of a socialist state enduring double charging for half delivered services, but the smile of a man celebrating the transformation of expense into revenue. The Subversive Consumer dumps his garbage (which is free); and now, his neighbors pay him to carry off their trash. I am leaving out some details, but I will explain ...

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Broken Wand

Obama will win re-election easily. It is not difficult to conceive. It has happened before, too.

Split the right. Split the vote.

(1) Ross Perot * .

(2) The fateful election of 1860 * . The Democrat vote splits between Breckenridge and Douglas. Lincoln wins; civil war starts.

Variants include having a toxic candidate that whores after the center. You have seen these sorts of con-servatives before. They never get elected. After a few decades, the bolshevik press wipes the feces from their lying lips and wraps their forked tongue around how respected the con-servative guy was. After all, Trotsky would never have been elected otherwise.

Simple. Obama wins re-election for 2014. He might not have the Senate and Congress, but then again, a lot of them will be RINO's anyway. You can run as Tea Party, then sell out for a job in human resources in Chicago.

In the aftermath, when the John Galts of this world lose faith in the political process, what then? You can study the historical record for precedents.
In a country without free speech, there is not much more I can say. In a country where it is OK to say Muslims Only in your real estate listings, where a segregated school for N-people is funded by the state (and the school Mosque, funded by the same people), where asking your restaurant staff to wash their hands after having a bowel movement is going to get you a fine, well, I would say watch for action because the silence is deafenin

Ten trillion dollars, ten thousand days have not solved the social problems that afflict us; they will be solved in a night.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.
xpd Mitchieville