Monday, October 10, 2011

The Broken Wand

Obama will win re-election easily. It is not difficult to conceive. It has happened before, too.

Split the right. Split the vote.

(1) Ross Perot * .

(2) The fateful election of 1860 * . The Democrat vote splits between Breckenridge and Douglas. Lincoln wins; civil war starts.

Variants include having a toxic candidate that whores after the center. You have seen these sorts of con-servatives before. They never get elected. After a few decades, the bolshevik press wipes the feces from their lying lips and wraps their forked tongue around how respected the con-servative guy was. After all, Trotsky would never have been elected otherwise.

Simple. Obama wins re-election for 2014. He might not have the Senate and Congress, but then again, a lot of them will be RINO's anyway. You can run as Tea Party, then sell out for a job in human resources in Chicago.

In the aftermath, when the John Galts of this world lose faith in the political process, what then? You can study the historical record for precedents.
In a country without free speech, there is not much more I can say. In a country where it is OK to say Muslims Only in your real estate listings, where a segregated school for N-people is funded by the state (and the school Mosque, funded by the same people), where asking your restaurant staff to wash their hands after having a bowel movement is going to get you a fine, well, I would say watch for action because the silence is deafenin

Ten trillion dollars, ten thousand days have not solved the social problems that afflict us; they will be solved in a night.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.
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