Thursday, October 20, 2011

Watching Television

Can the Americans make a war movie that is not a progressive PCP * inspired version of Vietnam? I wonder.

I am left with the lingering impression that the average American Marine scours the battlefield for the gold teeth of the enemy. Rape is constantly on their minds. They abuse women, and disrespect the civil rights of Hyphenated-Uncitizened-Americans. If bestiality was not politically correct, it would be a flaw to be found in the ranks of the Jarheads. Not a single country that the dreadful Americans have fought is not crowned with the golden, tax payer funded, crown of victim. The poor Japs, Krauts, and what not. Battlefields are places of poo colored mud, with the noble corpses of the enemy, and screaming Marines flopping around with missing limbs, spurting cherry pie filling.

Inevitably, in progressive war theater, the hero of the piece is the deserter, the coward, and the incompetent. All officers and most non commissioned officers are incompetent. Keeps them off the streets, I guess. Deserters are noble; they have had too much of the violence of war and have done the right, er, left, thing and run away. The guys at the firing line do not need ammo, food, water, or a hot cup of coffee. Let them die, the racist, rapist scum; that way more of America's enemies can thrive and push back at the evils of capitalism. Cowards are just sensible types. Better to hide and live to spend another day asking for handouts and agitating for social justice. To raise the yellow flag of the cowards of Woodstock * . Yup. Movie after movie tells me this. Movie after movie.

If you dig deeper, as my math teacher always encouraged us to do when he taught us Marxist theory instead of Algebra, you discover that most of these actors that portray the mud and poo covered, angst filled killers of the American war machine, are gay. How can a gay guy, portray a straight guy, a tradesman, or a legendary marine such as Chesty Puller * ? I do not know the answer, and I know I should not ask the question. It might offend someone who is higher on the stepped pyramid of guilt and lifetime entitlement. I do not want to get kicked down the steps into the ranks of the racist, rapist, tax payers. It takes four tax payers to support one tax spender. I want to be a heroic tax spender, not a tax paying scum. So, I do not question the dissonance between reality and American theater. Shhh.

Even the American Civil war is seen through the bong glass of Vietnam. The evil Irish Catholic bigots, who infest the Marines in the Pacific war, are recast as noble victims of the cunning southern racists. You have to have some agility to navigate the steps of victim status to rectify the modern evil Catholic present with the noble victim Catholic of the past. I know it is only a matter of time and heroin fuel before the Orange Lodge becomes the darling of the progressives what with the way the Catholics are sinking from victim class immigrants to racist, rapist oppressors of the current progressive voting block. At least with Civil War fiction you do not have to see endless depictions of N-person neurologists, police chiefs, mayors, and whatnot. These stereotypes only seem to exist on the television screen. I sure hope that is not true. The baby boomers are going to need crusading, super-genius medical N-people to look after them in their dotage. And hard working tax payer N-people to pay taxes to keep them in pensions. But they will not need Marines, because all the bad guys are now good. Who am I to question? In a country without free speech, that could get me in trouble. I do not need trouble; I want a handout. I will occupy Wall Street until I am given something; I will cry like a baby for the tit. I will cheer on the Shining Path as they purge the bourgeois. Swinging good time that will be, and no Marines to spoil the neck tie party.

After decades of social engineering by the progressive media I have come to look forward to the liberation of America by their noble adversaries. Hurry, Shining Path, hurry. Come into the cities and do what you do. Round up the teachers, lawyers, judges, politicians, and academics, and hang them from lamp posts. Liberate the N-people, again, and give them the freedom they already have, bought with the blood of evangelical white Republican Christians on the battlefields of Gettysburg and the like. I cannot wait for that happy day. And, thanks to decades of social engineering, there will be no Marines to stop them. Purge the bourgeois, just like the reds did during the Tet offensive; and this time it will not be in Hue *, but in Chocolate City, USA. I have my Che t-shirt ready, to watch, to cheer, to help.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

xpd Mitchieville

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