Saturday, June 29, 2013

Moment of Meditation

It is unpleasant, the future. Knowing the future causes depression. Only to the extent that we can obtain control over our external environment, relationships, and sleep cycles, that we can summon the psychic resources to develop meaningful solutions to the challenges of life.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to bend the will of the people to your will, using the Tarot.

7. When you reach level Seven, you do not spend your time as you do now.

What do you enjoy for your minor vil·lain·ies?

7)1. Baseness of mind or character.

7)2. Viciousness of conduct or action.

7)3. A treacherous or vicious act.

Monday, June 24, 2013

How to bend people to your will with Tarot Cards

6. The Private Horror Film of the Soul. You should have, would have seen something special, un ordinary. Bringing Saturn into equilibrium with the two lights, Sun and Moon, does make manifest those things which are of the class described as 'family curses'. You have an excellent, hands on based, knowledge set and personal experiences with the concept now. It was as if the Platonic form of The Family Curse was made flesh for your contemplation as a coroner employed with an occupying garrison of Campbells in a valley of MacDonalds.

Now for a break, how about heart break? Denial and rejection is brought into equilibrium when you study Saturn with Venus. Use the method of two center cards representing Saturn and Venus (the World, the Empress). Above and beside are the two cards representing the signs these planets are in. If you wish to dally here, vary the signs with houses.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to bend people to your will using the Tarot

5. The Family Curse.

Saturn in Equilibrium. We all carry burdens from past generations. Putting Saturn into equilibrium is usually a life's work, but for the impatient adept it is typical that this quest be journeyed early. An alliance with Saturn is a requirement for bending people to your will. You will observe that up to now we have only placed Saturn into equilibrium with its opposite, Jupiter. Refer to your journal to observe the effects. Now it is time to begin the series of balancing efforts to bring Saturn into equilibrium with the Sun, Moon, Venus, and finally Mars.

Saturn and the Sun in Equilibrium. Place the tarot trumps for Saturn (the World) and the Sun (the Sun, conveniently) beside each other. Now take from your deck the trumps representing the sign where your Saturn resides and the sign opposite. Do the same for your sun sign. You should have four cards; unless you have a Sun - Saturn conjunction or opposition, in which case you will have two. Arrange the 'sign' cards around the 'planet' cards. Study them; observe similarities, differences, and count numbers.

The Family Curse. Curses travel through families, but not from parent to child, but through generations. When you bring the Sun and Saturn into equilibrium your family curse will become made known to you. Cause and effect cycling through the generations. With the curse comes talents, abilities, and gifts. This will be made aware to you when you bring Saturn and the Moon in Equilibrium. Keep notes in your journal of your discoveries.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to bend people to your will with Tarot

4. Journal keeping.

While the cold cunning of your memory might be sufficient to retain the cause and effect of your experiments in equilibrium, I suggest you keep a journal. Keep track of what cards you are studying, what arrangements you place them in; as well, note the events of your day. This will help you to note the correspondences between action and effect, which cards effect which areas of your life.

With your journal you can begin to craft experiments to determine if effects are accidental or the result of your efforts. As a suggestion, repeat a card arrangement: does it bring about similar results? Learn, Dare, write it down.

That being said, you can now bring the seven personal planets into equilibrium. I suggest you start with Mercury, which is represented by the tarot trump the Magician. Your natal Mercury resides in a sign and house. From the tarot deck take out the cards representing the sign and its opposite, as well as the house and its opposite. Arrange these four cards around the Magician. If there is some sort of overlap (like the sign and house are the same, or opposite), just use the two cards. These special cases (such as Mercury in Libra in the Seventh house, Mercury in Scorpio in the Second house, Mercury in Sagittarius in the Third house, and so on) are the ones that will yield results most worthy of your attention in your journal.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to bend people to your will using the Tarot

3. Equilibrium.

In life, it is our romantic natures that most often lead us astray. After you have brought your Mars/Venus polarity into equilibrium, you can now bring your Sun/Moon and Saturn/Jupiter polarities into this same state.

Referring to your horoscope, take out the tarot trumps for Saturn (the World), Jupiter (the Wheel of Fortune), and that of the astrological signs where your natal Saturn and Jupiter are resident. Arrange the cards into a two by two matrix of the form
sign planet
planet sign

If your Saturn and Jupiter are in the same sign (conjunct, so to speak), use the sign opposite.

How to look at tarot cards. Scan the cards and look for similarities and differences. As a suggestion, start with colors. Where does red occur in the cards? Where is orange? Yellow? Green? Blue? Violet? Look for common items: shoes, footwear, what is on their feet, or are their feet concealed? Which foot: right or left? Other items to consider: plants, such as roses; objects held in the hand, such as swords, wands, staffs; Which way are the figures looking? You are not required to have answers or understanding. This wisdom lies resident in your subconscious; merely looking upon the cards (of a well constructed deck) will evoke the effects sought.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to bend people to your will using Tarot

2. Understanding the Principle of Equilibrium

The World represents the astrological planet Saturn, and is attributed to the Center of the Cube of Space. Which is to say, a point of equilibrium, or more accurately, the point of equilibrium. To be enlightened, one must be in equilibrium; the unpleasant attributes of Saturn (just read the extensive literature on the subject) are associates of the process of moving towards equilibrium.