Saturday, June 15, 2013

How to bend people to your will with Tarot

4. Journal keeping.

While the cold cunning of your memory might be sufficient to retain the cause and effect of your experiments in equilibrium, I suggest you keep a journal. Keep track of what cards you are studying, what arrangements you place them in; as well, note the events of your day. This will help you to note the correspondences between action and effect, which cards effect which areas of your life.

With your journal you can begin to craft experiments to determine if effects are accidental or the result of your efforts. As a suggestion, repeat a card arrangement: does it bring about similar results? Learn, Dare, write it down.

That being said, you can now bring the seven personal planets into equilibrium. I suggest you start with Mercury, which is represented by the tarot trump the Magician. Your natal Mercury resides in a sign and house. From the tarot deck take out the cards representing the sign and its opposite, as well as the house and its opposite. Arrange these four cards around the Magician. If there is some sort of overlap (like the sign and house are the same, or opposite), just use the two cards. These special cases (such as Mercury in Libra in the Seventh house, Mercury in Scorpio in the Second house, Mercury in Sagittarius in the Third house, and so on) are the ones that will yield results most worthy of your attention in your journal.

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