Monday, June 24, 2013

How to bend people to your will with Tarot Cards

6. The Private Horror Film of the Soul. You should have, would have seen something special, un ordinary. Bringing Saturn into equilibrium with the two lights, Sun and Moon, does make manifest those things which are of the class described as 'family curses'. You have an excellent, hands on based, knowledge set and personal experiences with the concept now. It was as if the Platonic form of The Family Curse was made flesh for your contemplation as a coroner employed with an occupying garrison of Campbells in a valley of MacDonalds.

Now for a break, how about heart break? Denial and rejection is brought into equilibrium when you study Saturn with Venus. Use the method of two center cards representing Saturn and Venus (the World, the Empress). Above and beside are the two cards representing the signs these planets are in. If you wish to dally here, vary the signs with houses.

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