Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to bend people to your will using the Tarot

5. The Family Curse.

Saturn in Equilibrium. We all carry burdens from past generations. Putting Saturn into equilibrium is usually a life's work, but for the impatient adept it is typical that this quest be journeyed early. An alliance with Saturn is a requirement for bending people to your will. You will observe that up to now we have only placed Saturn into equilibrium with its opposite, Jupiter. Refer to your journal to observe the effects. Now it is time to begin the series of balancing efforts to bring Saturn into equilibrium with the Sun, Moon, Venus, and finally Mars.

Saturn and the Sun in Equilibrium. Place the tarot trumps for Saturn (the World) and the Sun (the Sun, conveniently) beside each other. Now take from your deck the trumps representing the sign where your Saturn resides and the sign opposite. Do the same for your sun sign. You should have four cards; unless you have a Sun - Saturn conjunction or opposition, in which case you will have two. Arrange the 'sign' cards around the 'planet' cards. Study them; observe similarities, differences, and count numbers.

The Family Curse. Curses travel through families, but not from parent to child, but through generations. When you bring the Sun and Saturn into equilibrium your family curse will become made known to you. Cause and effect cycling through the generations. With the curse comes talents, abilities, and gifts. This will be made aware to you when you bring Saturn and the Moon in Equilibrium. Keep notes in your journal of your discoveries.

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