Sunday, June 2, 2013

How to bend people to your will using Tarot

2. Understanding the Principle of Equilibrium

The World represents the astrological planet Saturn, and is attributed to the Center of the Cube of Space. Which is to say, a point of equilibrium, or more accurately, the point of equilibrium. To be enlightened, one must be in equilibrium; the unpleasant attributes of Saturn (just read the extensive literature on the subject) are associates of the process of moving towards equilibrium.

Moving towards equilibrium involves applying equal but opposite forces to correct motion and direction. In order to bend people to your will, you will need sufficient judgement to determine the correcting vector that needs to be applied. There is a difference between outcome and the corrective force needed to result in desired outcome. Trial and error has been the rule for beginner and intermediate practitioners. Why? This is tedious; mistakes and errors lead to hilarious, dangerous, or even terminal consequences. There is a list of support skills: one must keep a journal, be objective, and observant. Ugh. There must be an easier, quicker, more effective way. And there is: you can use the Tarot.

The Basics. There are seven visible planets in Astrology, which correspond to the seven directions found in the Cube of Space. There are three pairs, namely Sun and Moon, Mars and Venus (the Tower and the Empress), and Jupiter and Saturn (the Wheel of Fortune and the World). Mercury corresponds to the Magician. In your natal horoscope, which you should be familiar with, these planets are found in signs, and houses. Go get your chart cast and be familiar with this nomenclature; you will need it.

Bring yourself into Equilibrium. You will find it so much simpler to bend people to your will if you are in Equilibrium first. Take this as good advice. Your desires are influenced by the drive towards Equilibrium. Why have your subjugated minions become useless after you yourself are changed? It is easy and simple to bring yourself into perfection; after that, you are a fulcrum, anvil, and hammer around which others can be bent to your will. To do this, we start by balancing the three basic pairs of planets.

Bring true love into your life. Start here This is using four tarot cards, arranged into a two by two matrix. Use the Empress for Venus, The Tower for Mars, and the card that correspond to the sign that your Venus resides in, and the card for your Mars sign. If Mars and Venus are in the same sign, use the sign opposite.

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