Sunday, June 9, 2013

How to bend people to your will using the Tarot

3. Equilibrium.

In life, it is our romantic natures that most often lead us astray. After you have brought your Mars/Venus polarity into equilibrium, you can now bring your Sun/Moon and Saturn/Jupiter polarities into this same state.

Referring to your horoscope, take out the tarot trumps for Saturn (the World), Jupiter (the Wheel of Fortune), and that of the astrological signs where your natal Saturn and Jupiter are resident. Arrange the cards into a two by two matrix of the form
sign planet
planet sign

If your Saturn and Jupiter are in the same sign (conjunct, so to speak), use the sign opposite.

How to look at tarot cards. Scan the cards and look for similarities and differences. As a suggestion, start with colors. Where does red occur in the cards? Where is orange? Yellow? Green? Blue? Violet? Look for common items: shoes, footwear, what is on their feet, or are their feet concealed? Which foot: right or left? Other items to consider: plants, such as roses; objects held in the hand, such as swords, wands, staffs; Which way are the figures looking? You are not required to have answers or understanding. This wisdom lies resident in your subconscious; merely looking upon the cards (of a well constructed deck) will evoke the effects sought.

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