Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The end of the world as we know it

I took advantage of an opportunity to travel throughout Ontario these last few months. Ontario is rotten with political correctness. Global warming is a common belief that springs easily to lips of the second generation flower children; progressive thought is the new Dutch Elm disease *.

As every telemarketing manager knows, there are three ways to motivate someone: motivation by reason, motivation by reward, and motivation by fear. I would have thought the Global Warming thing was dead as a parking ticket collector in the belly of one of the larger river reptiles native to the southern United States. Apparently not; reason has not motivated these people, and this coming long, hard winter will not wipe the taste of white guilt from their mouth. Evidence, data, and statistics does not motivate these partisans; and there are many of them. Unlike rightists, they have not learnt to conceal their thoughts; (infact, for career advancement in the tax payer funded socialist social services sector), they spill their guts without much encouragement. They have no guile; they are motivated by reward. There are many of them.

You can find them on the internet, too * . You can judge the fellow for yourself if you have a shufti at the site. (I cannot find his fee schedule for school visits, so how much reward is motivating his behavior is unknown). What we have here (and now), are people using the tactics of telemarketing to sell their product to the customer; the customer being the statist apparatus that signs the checks, the product being the socialist social service. Unfortunately, this happy white guilt pipeline is under attack. The bolshevik educators (the schools under their control suspend a disproportionate number of N-people), the bolshevik jurists (whose courts send a disproportionate number of N-people to prison, parole, or just back out onto the streets to try again), and the other assorted bolshies (that diversity of state positions that hand out money), are finding other bolshies pointing their red fingers at them. Really, those poor, oppressed, underfunded kids getting the boot from schools in disproportionate numbers are being booted by progressives (teacher, principal), getting sent to prison by progressives (lawyer, judge, law maker). This is a tight circle of left hands, pointing at each other now, even as their hands are firmly in the pockets of the righties who pay taxes and eschew employment in the leftist apparatus of state as does a casual walker step over a steaming dog turd.

Neat, eh?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

xpd Mitchieville

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