Friday, October 28, 2011

Civilis not Spartacus

Do you remember high school? In my time, the dumbing down process was just starting. An arts degree from the University of Toronto meant you were talented, an elite. Not like now.

One aspect of the dumbing down
was the instructor cultivating favor by not actually teaching. The hard stuff, like math, or grammar, or whatever, was quietly ignored while the teacher told enlightening stories. I learnt more about this technique during my time teaching in a private school. I actually got a chance to look at the curriculum, old and new. When I inspected the requirements for my old grade 13 studies, it was not difficult to see that vast swathes of material had been ignored, despite Ministry of Education direction. Ho ho ho. Imagine that. In the gaps were filed anecdotes about the great heroes of Bolshevism, guys like Spartacus * .

Glorious Comrade Spartacus. What a great guy. He led a rebellion against the one percent, the evil Roman Empire. Back then, the Roman Empire was an evil construct of capitalism, unlike now, when it is a glorious example of making multi-culturalism work. Back then, one of the criticisms of the empire was their absurd notion that a mix of cultures would get along; Red social theory, as taught in Ontario High Schools in the seventies, was that the ideal state had only one culture. Gauls, Celts, Semites, and Romans just could not co-exist in a state, in the revealed wisdom of the time. A mixture of cultures was so much oil and water, an excuse for the evil capitalists to exploit the working classes along cultural lines. Hence the noble rebellion of Spartacus. And any Red teacher talking about Spartacus always lead to the wonderful Spartacist uprising * . Being a natural student of history, and quite unaware of how my education was being stolen from me by my subversive (but well pensioned) teachers, I enjoyed these hours of historical dissertation given in a diversity of non-history classes.

The Red Front instructors never talked about Civilis * * , though. These people rebelled against Rome, too. But the Batavians were not slaves. No, they were the elite of the Roman, the Julio-Claudian army. I guess their story did not fit the fiction the socialists were trying to paint. This being a story of an ability group doing the Galt thing and shrugging. The Romans, being great crushers of men, crushed the rebellion. You can read the details yourself and form your own opinion. You are not a bored student, and there are more interesting ways to teach mathematics now a days, like African Dance, or lurid anecdotes about Lesbian sexual practices which you can participate in when you advance in the ranks of the people's party.

Can you learn from history? I do, but anything not politically correct, is best kept for yourself, only to be shared with people you trust. You can learn, for example, that the Spartacist uprising was triggered when an arch-socialist was let go from his job * . Socialists do not go easily; the pinkos respond poorly to pink slips. You can predict that the fall of the CBC will not be without excitement. You can learn, for example, that oppression of those that do (to wit, the Batavians, who provided these elite troops for the Julio-Claudians) leads to revolt. Real revolt, not the occupy the parks and complain about the racist domination of condom colors by white centered choices. Read and compare, contrast the early red impulse to the later, uh, counter revolutionary. Enjoy.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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