Thursday, October 20, 2011

The end of the world as we know it

Just check out this link * . It contains a partial run down of the unspoken epidemic of 'youth' crime across this continent. As anyone familiar with Youtube * , you know that 'youth' crime is disproportionately unreported by the JournoLista media * *, and there are now websites popping up that just address the issue *. And, thanks to a Court decision here in racist shithole Canada, I can only just now link to sites that would probably upset the white guilt slurper elites. So what? Ten thousand days of spending have not solved the problems of 'youth' crime; hundreds of thousands of souls are holding down pension generating jobs, banking sick days, and voting to preserve the status quo. It is not going to change any time soon. I guess.

Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it, some dead white male said *. So, let us cast our net a little wider than the problem of 'youth' crime. Instead, let us look outside the box, infact, let us look into the darkness of the human soul; let us pretend it is more the end of the Tang dynasty * , than the start * . Or, let us say, you are a German living in Germany after the First World War, and some smarter than you politician has decided that the best way to deal with those reparations to France is to just print money *. Just close your eyes and put yourself there, or somewhere similar.

When it comes to where the left spends its money, the top priority is the unions. Other stuff is down the priority list. Tell me this is not the case. You may jiggle and jaggle the list, argue for different heirarchies in other sectors, but the top of the food chain is the unions. Regardless, the subsidies that find their way to Youth-Citizens is now under attack. There may well be socialist social services workers, but the amount of cash they are handing out to socialist social services never workers is either topped out, or going down.

The white guilt gobblers are throwing junk over the side to keep afloat. Here in Canada, the government announced a big defense spending package. The left, instead of vomiting and smearing feces about the great evil of defense spending, instead is just whining about where the money is spent, which ship yard, which union versus which other union is getting the pension benefits. The left has abandoned its moral high ground of opposition to war, and instead cheers on American intervention in all sorts of places. Gone are the calls for retreat, instead, they call for more meddling. This is a retreat, or a rear guard, or a defensive action. The left is no longer advancing. To wit, more spending on 'youth' is no longer on the table; keeping spending where it is is where the left is holding the line; and less spending is being raised up as a possibility. You can argue the semantics of more, same, and less, but surely you see that there is pressure downwards, that the sticky faces of the left are fighting over where the status quo cash can go. The zombies have killed off the easy pickings. Can you see fights between cash for 'youth' and green, 'youth' and health, 'youth' and public whatever. No, the throw money at the 'youth' problem is no longer on the table.

Complications. A bunch of complications: the economy is bad. The white folks is moving back to the cities to be closer to the jobs they are worried about losing. This saves on gas money, and are they not getting a face full of 'youth' crime? Griping tax payers, insurance companies paying out more for home robberies, car vandalism, and stress related health claims. These working class types want to see their status quo government money go towards the economy, health care, and other stuff, but not towards the ten thousand and first day of 'youth' spending. This includes factions within the big red corporation *, starting to fight over money going to their slice of red heaven (red teachers for red education; red jurists for red courthouse services; red bureaucrats for red bureaucrat pensions). Say it is not so. The money to spooge over the ten thousand day problem of 'youth' crime is no longer there; it is under pressure to evaporate.

Social Media as complication. Those glorious uprisings of the oppressed across England, the Tottenham riots? They are not going to go away with Obama celebrating his third year of improving golf scores. Do the math: one cop shooting one N-person will trigger continent wide riots. It will not happen in Pittsburgh on Tuesday, nor will it happen in St.Louis on Wednesday; but if you do the math, it will happen somewhere, and that some when will be sooner. Much as social media led to the quaint whitey flash mob, leading to the 'youth' wilding (see above), so to will the model of the Occupy Wall Street find a scenario involving 'youth'. Given the partisan nature of the President O faction, you can expect widespread riots. After the riots, expect a little less sympathy for 'youth' spending, and pressure from big red corporation divisions for spending on, say, union staffed prisons, union police, and union parole officers. Good for the red security sector, bad for 'youth' programs. Slice and dice this as you will; it is coming, and the diaper budgets are going to be cut for more handcuffs, lockups, and tear gas grenades.

So, now the darkness. The sun is setting, but the problem of 'youth' remains. The white guilt slurpers are in retreat, the RINO's are just treading water, the faux conservatives are pushing policy but knowing it will not get past the activist court system. This is the sunset of socialism. But the darkness is coming. How do we solve the 'youth' problem? How do we solve the 'youth' problem: ten thousand days of spending have not solved it, and in the darkness populist politicians, emboldened by an angry, desperate electorate of workers, will look for a one night solution.

I will not hazard a suggestion as to what the one night solution entails. I live in a country without freedom of speech and cannot speak my mind. Neither can you. But we can lock eyes across the table, look up from our beer, and know we are thinking the same thing. The leftists, the unions, the poverty pimps, the trust fund liberals, will not surrender a dollar, a job, or a single stupid spending initiative to allow business strangling regulations to be cut, to allow taxes to be lifted, to allow the working class to get back to their business of working. Heck no. Each day that goes by another cohort of Me first Baby Boomers marches into pension land. Me first, my pension, my health care, my retirement village of white privilege better be safe and free of 'youth'.

I still will not tell you what we are both thinking. I value my skin, my milky white skin. But from where I sit, behind my barred windows, locked doors, I can see the city of Toronto where few people venture forth at night. They are not out spending money on beer and pretzels. Beer and pretzels would give some happiness, they would not grumble so much, they would vote more for the party in power if they could go out at night. By day, the working burghers of Toronto step over puddles of urine in the public transit. They look over their shoulder when they go to the instant bank. So, they spend less and grumble more. Merchants are wary after dark, and wary of 'youth'. Many with money in their accounts flee the city by night; they flee the 'youth'. And there are many in the ruling class that know this, though they cannot speak of it, much as they cannot contemplate collecting tax revenues on all that tobacco that the red skins sell. But they think it; others think it. Only the presence of the sticky faced, shrill socialists prevents them from solving this problem in a night, but they know the solution, they think about it, and in their private moments, they share it with the people they trust.

Nobody expects the French Revolution. There is not much chatter out there about sending the ruling class to the guillotine. When I find mention of it, the lists of traitors who have sold out their country for foreign money, I suspect hyperbole. This is October, 2011. How will things be in October, 2012? How will things be after the continent wide riots of 'youth'? How about if the Americans lose a carrier, a cruiser, or a Marine regiment? No one military disaster is likely, much as the one by one massacres committed by Americans born with the name Mohammed is likely to, well, bring forth concepts that in the absence of freedom of speech I cannot mention. The pressure cooker is there, though. Tell me it is not there. Can you lie to yourself as well as you lie to me? And our political elites, will they not throw the 'youth' under the bus to protect their skins? Will not a populist leader seek to tap into darker currents in the electorate, even at the cost of not being invited to speak at York University? Another good story not in the JournoLista media: why politicians are afraid to appear in public. Ah well. You know that I know what you are thinking. Too bad we cannot talk about it openly. We can watch the show, watch those with their lips sewn shut with bolshevik thread squirm. Who will push who towards the guillotine first, or will they abandon the never tax payers, the oh so unpopular N-people, towards the one night solution? The answer is not long in coming.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.



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  2. I used to fret about the coming Dark Age. I now see it as an age of opportunity.