Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Shepherd, the sheep, and the wolves

What a great day.  Finally, Ontario has put to rest the racist, sexist, homophobic past and elected a woman, a gay woman.  What a relief.  The sun is shining. 

Voters in Ontario have said yes to pension security, employment justice, and vacation rights.  I am willing to bet your pension, livelihood, and happiness on that.  You can quote me on that too.

The gloomy hyperbole about economic collapse is dispersing like snow in a Global Warming winter.  Remember last winter?  Remember the children asking 'Will I ever see snow again?'.  Yup.

I was sitting on the subway and I let off a long, silent fart of happiness.  The train was stopped because of delays.  I wanted to share my joy.  Later, while waiting in traffic to make a left turn (only one block before some traffic lights) I was savoring the waving fists of happiness and the honking horns of consensus.  All is good.  You can let your dog take a crap in the park knowing that someone else is responsible.  The children have spoken.

There will be no layoffs in the civil service.  There will be more regulations to protect the earth.   Health care will be better and faster.  My white guilt is gone like jism down the throat of a sex trade worker. 

Share in the happiness.  Join me.  Fart on the subway.  Make left turns in rush hour.  Embrace the black market economy and keep your money for yourself.  You will have to provide the services the government promises and taxes for, so keep your money for that purpose.  The wolf will lay down after filling his belly with lamb and sleep the contented sleep that only a wolf in a land of doltish shepherds can.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.  I care.

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