Monday, April 9, 2012

Thinking about the unthinkable

I have a buddy and he is an accelerationist. He wants the fall to come soon, and deep. There has to be a Tribulation before society can rebuild. And that Tribulation should come sooner, rather than later. He wants social unrest. He thinks about causing ways of causing social unrest. He has internet friends who are like minded, share experiences, and discuss methods. He is a great conversationalist, and has a fun way of scaring the shit out of people, when he gets going. No urban house owner is the same after a survivalist fanatic tells them which urban gang will loot his home.

These people who own houses; they usually have steady jobs too. And a few spare dollars to get spent on urban survival preparations. Augments is what I want to talk about here: the top end stuff on the market. And if you do not know what a survivalist means by an augment then you are not in the know, and should know. Augment means upgrading one organism with the salvaged tissues and organs and stem cell cocktails of another. This usually means augmenting a human with dog, rat, or reptile stem cells, brain cell, or parts. Rat testicles are popular. In the black market for health care services under socialized medicine, the augment market was born; and the accelerationists, who happen to control the black market augment technology (kinda like Amway has a choke hold on pyramid sales) are using it for profit, and to accelerate the inevitable collapse of society.

Rat testicles are popular. You know there are men who look for cures for their limp dicks, bald hair, and flaccid muscles. Limp dick can easily be cured with a second set of testicles; baldness with a scalp transplant; flaccid muscles with a steady infusion of man hormones and muscle builder. But that second set of testicles: finding a human donor is expensive. A human donor has to be legally dead before getting broken up for spares. Why not make do with second best? Rat testicles will give you the same effect, but instantly. It only takes half an hour for some black market 'augment therapist' to attach a booster set of rat testicles to anybody willing to throw down the two hundred bucks it costs. This fee includes everything; the therapist supplies the rat. I have seen it done. It happens all the time. Here in Toronto.

You need hair?
I am no biochemistry expert. My knowledge of chemistry stops at hypergolic fuel systems, and does not extend into the human immune system. Besides, the bags of goop, and bottles of pills that allow you to have a new luxuriant growth of hair on your head (by way of a simple skinning of a dog, cat, or some other furry creature; then stapled onto your bald pate) are all labelled in some Chinese dialect. Who cares? Just read the brochures in the kit. It works for me. And the accelerationist can make a few hundred bucks a session, giving hair to the bald, strength to the weak, and reptile brain blendered in with stem cells infused into some humans brain. Reptile brain makes you smart. After the implant, you take nose drops. Simple, easy. And it all advances the accelerationist agenda. Works for me.

I asked the accelerationist how making people happy, better, and smarter, was advancing his agenda of deeper, faster societal collapse. He paused before answering. It is a great way to make money, so I can finance survival supplies, he replied. He told me about the profit margin on a testicle augment, say. The dog comes free, and he spends ten bucks on the transplant kit. He charges a hundred bucks. Takes half an hour, a bit less if you don't bother to wash the knife. The drugs come in a bag: a pretty generic nose drop that stops you from rejecting your new dog testicles. You can get 'nose drops' pretty much anywhere in Toronto now. Just ask about them at your variety store, ask someone who does not speak English. Five bucks keeps your augments going fine for two weeks, keeps you in drops; nose drops. Could be your new brindled hair, your throbbing powerful testicles, or that voice of silence and action in your head. If you stop taking the nose drops, your augment just rots off.

There are lots of other ways to make money, besides black market medical procedures. And, if you want society to collapse, why make people better, stronger, more content to sit in the corner and hiss happily to themselves as life goes by? My accelerationist friend just shrugged his shoulders. 'It would take too long to explain how a pack of augment dogs (that is, dogs augmented with human parts and infusions) can take control of a neighborhood sticken with unrest in only a night'. I agree. Which part of the human gets spliced on to which part of the dog is very technical, and could alienate my activist, progressive readers. I have to dumb down my writing to accommodate the reduced expectations of the progressive audience. Just accept the fact that there is an extensive black market in medical augmentation, fueled by open borders, demand for the fairy cake life expectations of socialism, and catalyzed by amoral (post Christian) white racists (aren't all whites racists) seeking yet another pathway to their dream of ownership of a plantation.

Augments are go!

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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