Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to bend people to your will using the Tarot

So, what actually causes the greater evils in the world? This is the world you live in, the world you find yourself in when you wake up in the morning, the one you travel through to work, to school, to buy goods and services. In the present time, we rarely talk about the causes of social ills. The thief that takes your property, the vandal that litters on your lawn, the pet poop on the sidewalk, all can be called sharp action. You may theorize about what causes sharp action in other people, both as victims and agents. The correct inquiry is what causes it around you. Placing Saturn and Mars into equilibrium will reveal to you the invisible lightning rods that attract sharp actions against you, and why you are tempting into such things yourself.

Method: take out the tarot trumps that represent Saturn and Mars (the World and the Lightning Struck Tower). Take out the trumps that represent the signs these planets reside in your natal horoscope. Arrange into a matrix, like before. Study and note observations.

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