Sunday, July 21, 2013

How to bend people to your will using the Tarot

9. Bringing Saturn into Equilibrium is a time consuming process, but worth the effort. You can look back on your struggles and laugh. You can shake your fist at the World, for you have overcome the lesser challenges of nature and situation. Re-read your notes in your journal. There you will find fresh insight, and you will find your journal entries to be a continuing source of enlightenment from now on.

It takes a full lunar month for your insights to become firmly installed in your life. In this time, you can contemplate the methods of actively writing the future, rather than being a passive reader.

So, we have all used the lesser arcana of the Tarot deck to predict the future. Some variant of arrangement of cards is used: a Celtic Cross, Gypsy Circle, or something. Here are some elementary rules to changing the future, your future, with the Tarot:

Exchange of cards.

1. Court cards. You can exchange from the spread to the deck. Keep to the same suit. For example, the liar, the Page of Cups, can be exchanged with the more noble Knight of Cups. If the Page of Cups is an outcome card, you can upgrade the outcome by exchanging the 'small potatoes' Page with the high powered King of Cups. The court cards of a suit can be exchanged with another court card, but stick to the same suit.

2. Number cards. The difficult experiences of the nine and ten of swords can be swapped out for the four.

Do some experiments. Keep notes in your journal.

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