Sunday, July 13, 2014

Horoscope for the week of July 13, 2014

Misrule by committee begins on Monday and lasts until Wednesday.  Then a day of misrule by misunderstanding.  A great champion appears on Thursday: a Hero in the East.  This person is beloved of Invincible Mithras.  A clumsy coalition forms on Friday to attempt to ignore the Hero.  And that leads into the month of Leo.  With a backdrop of grubby incompetents, corrupt shadow dwellers, and fear motivated minions, the Hero is needed, appreciated, and glorious.

Aries:  You have the tools and resources available, unfortunately leadership is short sighted and pleasure centered.  After Monday, circular reasoning and counter circular leadership means you pretty much get to do what you want anyway.   

Taurus:  Ignore the big picture and concentrate on domestic tasks.  Your bountiful harvest in the fall is proportionate to your efforts this week.  Take delight in using the wrong tool for the task. 

Gemini:  You get to advance your secret agenda this week.  Nobody is paying much attention to details, so make sure those details steer things your way.  You will find a secret.

Cancer:  You will win the lottery this week.  This will throw your plans into chaos.  Grit your teeth and force yourself to rewrite your master plan to include total world domination.

Leo:  You are a star.  The sooner people realize this, the better for them.  Expect big things to start happening in your life on Thursday.  Get some rest before hand.

Virgo:  Cats cannot be herded, unless your drone designs are accepted by a sympathetic munitions interest.  You have other good ideas, but they are a few years too early. 

Libra:  Be careful in the kitchen.  Someone will be accidentally poisoned at dinner on Wednesday.  As for work, your good ideas will take a while to circulate back to you.  Practice with your yo-yo.

Scorpio:  Unusual sexual demands will be made which will intrigue you.  Explore the Japanese export markets for bargains.  There are not enough shoe laces in your escape bag.

Sagittarius:  Things will get appreciably better when you hand off a difficult assignment to an expert from afar.  You will be recognized as a member of a secret society you have never heard of.

Capricorn:  You will be the first to recognize the serious implications of the events on Thursday.  Put your papers in order.  Consider doing some shopping for new underwear.

Aquarius:  A sudden scientific development will intrigue you.  Relationships are highlighted.  You are never too old to learn new tricks.

Pisces:  A stranger in a crowd will act like they know you.  You will find the answers you seek from this chance encounter.  This will occur on Wednesday in a crowded place.

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