Saturday, January 7, 2012

Amerikkka under Communism, er Socialism, er Progressive whatever

Let us face it, the most successful communist country was East Germany. There was something special about the commitment of the peace loving German people, as lead by their wise leadership, towards making communism, er, socialism, er, progressive whatever, work. And in East Germany, let us face it, it worked best. Now where do you get off thinking that America cannot do a better job, or an equivalent job, than the East Germans? I think that America can make communism, er, socialism, er progressive whatever, work.

A workers paradise means paradise for workers. Do you work? Have the capitalist monkeys done micro feces for you, lately? Have they ever? Their mouthpiece RINO creatures, the monkey mutants, just take your vote and then support the Never Workers Party. Time for a change. Red is a color found on the American flag.

Accepting the past, and owning it. I can freely accept the history of the communist, er, socialist, er, progressive whatever, in mass murder, torture, seizure of private property, suppression of religion, and whatever various bad things that everyone else does they get accused of. And I say, big deal. Like how is the Tea Party (if in power, say) going to deal with the Never Workers? Cutting their diaper money is going to lead to 'social unrest'. Get your head out of the sand, worker. The Never Workers are short listed to a seat in a disintegration chamber. Does not matter who is running the show, the mess is the same, the laws of economics are still law, the invisible hand of the market still is invisible, and the logical final solution of the Never Worker problem is just one, and final. At least the communists, er, socialists, er, progressive whatever'ses, have a proven track record of success at recycling undesirables into soap, purse leather, sex slaves, asbestos workers, and raccoon food pellets. Tell me this is not going to happen, tell me lies; deceive yourself, if you can.

Think about this, Happy Worker.
After the defeat of the Never Workers Party comes the rendering down of the Never Workers. Once the Never Workers have ceased oxygen consumption (No buffalo, no Sioux) there will be plenty of resources within a balanced budget (in an environment of zero government debt) to build bridges, highways, and liquid sodium fast breeder reactors. But will the Never Workers report to the disintegration chambers on the promise of a lollipop from Newt Gingrich? I suspect not. For a proven performer in final solutions management, you need socialism. Democracies with property rights and gun ownership are incompetent bunglers in this market sector.

Make up your mind, Happy Worker.

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