Saturday, January 28, 2012

Where is my role model

Gluten Badwulf is my nephew, and he lives in Erin, Ontario. He is a fine lad and is shaping up well to inherit the Broccoli Plantation that the Badwulf's have had in that part of Ontario since the Orangemen settled the area in the 1880's. Unlike me, though, he watches television. The Badwulf compound in Erin (located on the vast acreage of the plantation) boasts a fine chateau, and most of the rooms have a television of some sort. Flat screen now a days, and flat screen monitors are less bulky than their tube ancestors, so stuffing a screen in the various rooms; bedroom, den, kitchen, laundry, and work shop; is more likely than it was back in the days when the lying progressives of the CBC were filling the brains of taxpayers with the over boiled pasta of political correctness. Of course, nobody in the Badwulf household watches main stream TV; they watch downloads.

Sons of Anarchy, never heard of it until Gluten invited me to enjoy an episode over Jack Daniels and weed. I must confess, I felt nausea at the thought of watching the squeezings of Hollywood. After all, I am white and the diversity of role models for whitey runs the spectrum from serial killer to abortion nurse beater to corrupt construction contractor. Who is there for me to make a role model of? Now the N-people have brain surgeons, police detectives, strong father figures, and honest characters who walk on stage, provide magical solutions, and have jobs. The role models provided by the ability challenged activists, besides being oil to the water of reality, do not speak to my community. So it was with great enjoyment that I was introduced to the vision of a strong family unit, the caring male leader, work ethic (these people have jobs), and a community that survives despite the attentions of the incompetent state.

If you have not watched Sons of Anarchy you will not know what I am talking about. Even if you have watched the series, your experience that you extract from the biker soap opera might and probably is different. What did I see, I saw role models for whitey. What did you see, if you saw? Like, media is full of negative stereotypes of whitey. Look how they turned out: wretched taxpayers. Media is full of the activist lima beans and fried liver goodness of who they think N-people, junkies, beaten women, and abortion providers should be. Is they that way? It has been how many decades of lima beans on the tube, huh? Should be that way, all fried liver goodness and nutrients. Is the N-people all brain surgeons and police chiefs and wise leaders of industry?

Gluten Badwulf is studying to be a stage hypnotist. Good luck, his father (my brother) cautions. Like, who hires stage hypnotists? Only place they work is Vegas, and the jobs are already taken. If there was a show on television with a stage hypnotist, the guy would be, er, would not be someone young Gluten could identify with. He has a daddy, a daddy with a job, no direct knowledge of aunties puffing crack and dick and being welfare whores. So where are the role models coming? They cannot all be from Sons of Anarchy. There is an answer out there. Role models are important. What a pleasant surprise for our ability challenged activist betters when the final solution is revealed to this, small piece of the social engineering puzzle dawns upon them.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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