Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Activist versus Activist

Teachers are in the vanguard of our progressive struggle to socially re-engineer society into a form free of racism, sexism, and classism *. There are a whole bunch of isms that I, evil white male that I am, I cannot keep up. My invisible potato masher of white privilege prevents me from making the liver and lima bean salad of diversity, I guess. Anyway, the ability to identify bad isms and correct the mind of youth is in the care of our teaching profession. They are selected by criteria free of the taint of ability, trained in things other than teaching methods, and hired by the cherry pickers method to fill slots based on skin color, gender, and sexual orientation parallel to the thrust lines of progressive emotion. So, I vomit when I read in the Red Star that some of our teachers are racists *. Do read the article.

As an evil white man, I will, in all due respect to the suppression of freedom of speech, not say anything in a public forum. In private, sure. Here, no. Instead I will just laugh.

For further study, try this article where feminist denounces feminist * . Do read the comments, and tremble progressive and bourgeois feminists. The Red revolution eats its children, er, aborts them in the fourth trimester.


  1. I started to read the article but all I could see were tits.

  2. Also, I have been working/poor since I got kicked out when I was sixteen and so far nobody has tried to give me a medal for it. Boo fucking hoo.

  3. Well, I cannot much comment on the article. It is insightful, I must admit. I never realized that feminists could be denounced as bourgeois. Come the revolution, the true Trotskyites will have social justice.