Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hear no Evil, See no Evil, Collect No Pension

The Greek Socialist Leader, what's his name, sure is in the papers a lot lately. He is a great guy. He is a socialist. And when you read that he is a bad guy, they do not mention he is a socialist. You can be a Fat Bastard, you can be a socialist, but never at the same time. It is a law of Global Warming science. And no mention of how this will affect your pension. Pensions are guaranteed, so why worry?

I have a friend who tells me to shut up when I ask him about his pension. He does not know that I write on the internet. He just thinks that I am some talentless sluggard who works at telemarketing. What do I know about pensions? Corporations are evil, the creatures of the one percent. The dividends paid out by common and preference shares, corporate bonds, capital gains; these are the weasel words of someone who does not know about pensions, especially the fat state pension my friend (who does not know me as Fenris Badwulf) is planning on collecting when he retires at 55, maybe 52 if he can game his sick days and pension right, er, left. I just nod. We went to school together. He did better in Arts, and was popular with girls. Now he is fat, thrice divorced, and suffers no mention of pensions and corporations in the same breath, much as socialist and Greek leader are not to be associated.

Do you think the Greeks will vote for austerity measures? Do you care? Maybe it is best to not think about such stuff. The pretty leaves are turning bright colors in the fall. Oh look, the lady is walking a cute dog. The socialist Greek leader knows that pensions are based on corporate financial instruments, and will do the right thing by his socialist brothers, sisters, and whatever gender assignments the non-straights demand you call them this week, so that they can collect their pensions. He is a socialist, after all. There is no mention in the media about the falsehoods given by somebody to someone about the Greek financial situation. It must be unimportant. Greece is a socialist country, and details about that would make socialism look bad, much as horizontal stripes make a fat person look like a fat bastard.

Nobody else will do what the Greeks are doing and default on their debt.
Why would they do that? It is unthinkable. All that debt that might get defaulted on: not a penny is held by your pension fund. Look how brave the socialist leader is in doing the right thing. Infact, he is doing the left thing and letting the people decide. Nobody is talking about what they will do. They are rioting in the streets, that means they will accept austerity. And the socialist peoples of the other PIGS will do the same. And the happy Germans will bale them out anyway, because they feel guilty about Hitler. Bad guilty Germans should work more years and more hours to bale out the shorter work hours of other peoples. Greeks should go enjoy their retirement; Germans should get to work on time. The European Union is too important to the ruling socialist bureaucrats in Capitol City of Europe to be threatened by financial malfeasance by sovereign states (who are never socialist). Euro elites need a Euro Union so they can read each others reports and look forward to their own pensions.

Nothing bad will happen.
You can stop reading this and think of pretty flowers. Those who are gloomy know that at the base of the triangle are the class of people who never work, and always need. Above them are the care givers, the check givers. They are hired from the cream of the non-ability class. The smartest and brightest of the dumbed down education system. They vote for more spending on the never workers, and more jobs for themselves, the tax spender enablers. It takes four tax payers to support one tax spender. More tax spenders are imported into the state every day through the open borders. They vote for socialism. When you complain, you are racist, and silenced. This is how it should be. When the never workers get their entitlements cut, they riot. And when the riots start, they will spread. Maybe fast, like when an innocent gangbanger is shot, or slow, like the Occupied by Tapeworms movement. The tax spenders breed real fast, too. They choke out the health care system, but observing and commenting on that is racism, too. Just wait in the waiting room. At least you can die sitting down, like at your desk at work.

Expecting to retire on your pension is a dream.
Who will win in the activist versus activist struggle? The activists who want to bail out banks because the socialist states of tapeworm Europe want to walk away from the debt they racked up handing out welfare to socialist voters? The activists who want diapers for never workers? The activists who want to have reports printed about Global Warming? At least reports can be burnt to keep yourself warm this winter, as you wait to see a doctor who has a third world education (according to the documents from the third world), even as you hope that you will not suffer from 'youth' violence if you are so unfortunate to live close to where 'youth' live, don't work, and play. The socialists will look after you. You voted for them. You slurped down the white guilt from their shaved and perfumed testicles. You can see no evil, and hear no evil. Right, er, left.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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