Thursday, November 10, 2011

Horoscope for the full moon of November 10, 2011

Today is the day of the full moon. Big deal, the doubters amongst you will smirk. Indeed, astrology is mocked, ignored by research and the scientists guild. I presume they are too busy whoring after Global Warming money in a way reminiscent of the pre-Reformation * clergy after Indulgence * coin. Such progressive minds, seeing consensus, even as they live far away from the squalid hives * they have created and ignore. This full moon is in the sign of Taurus, a place pleasing to the Moon. It opposes the Sun in Scorpio. Off the cuff, it is good for the mob of humanity, bringing the warrior Scorpion down upon the heads of those that vex them. False clerics, usurpers, and robber barons are exposed, in public places, like farm fields or gibbets. Vengeful Scorpio is distracted from their personal pleasures of lusts, gluttony, and earthly gain to attend the peoples business. How will this affect you?

Aries: You will be thrust into a leadership position. This will suit your ego, but your purse will not benefit much in the long run. Words you speak will be listened to; you will have impact upon others. You will win in personal combat, of course. Expenses will follow, unfortunately. You will be popular, but not the King.

Taurus: You give mind to the necessary demands of Strength and Justice. Not normally the speaker of the mob (but always a member of it) you will find yourself drawn away from your comfortable pleasures (your chair, your slippers, your perfumed lover) to voice the clear and crystal demands of the population. You are the voice of the Almighty.

Gemini: There is a warm fuzzy feeling in being aligned with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Although as groom or cup bearer you will share in the comforts of the camp, you will not share in the distasteful battle field clean up as herald, identifying which severed head belongs to which coat of arms. You are the secretary of the revolution.

Cancer: The full moon always affects your sign, and you will find yourself in a place of comfort and profit. Pleasantly, you will be one of the first to be heard, but not the first in the front ranks of the clashing hedges of spearmen. You will survive the storm of axes and flails by being off on other business. Find an excuse to bake bread today. This will ward off the press gang of the War God. Alternately, go linger in a public place if you want to enjoy the sight of spilt guts.

Leo: Anger. Anger. Anger at injustice gives you a place in the forces of Strength and Justice. Your golden aura finds you escorting the standard bearer as his shield bearer. Your armor will get dirty and need the attention of a blacksmith in the aftermath: which is to say be careful driving. Those teeth imbedded in your radiator are the teeth of a scoundrel. Think of your car as a war elephant when you accelerate towards the enemies of others.

Virgo: To you is the grisly privilege of looting the battlefield of spoils. If you like to collect bullet dented watches, crisped at the edges currency notes, and teeth, you will find your eclectic collection much rewarded. Mind you, you will be called upon for more overtime at this work.

Libra: Your skills at diplomacy are not called for in this great struggle. Favor impact weapons over the blade as they make less mess. You will be one of the few to not have your armor scorched, scratched, or made sticky with gore. Well, not as badly as others. You are the least stained, not unstained. In the aftermath, a great party. Even the horrors of war are liable to make your sign fat. Eat in moderation, but give yourself over to the sack and pillage of the property of the enemy. It is fun.

Scorpio: What an awful day. You are distracted from personal gain for that of collective resistance. Some of these scoundrels you are struggling for are yesterdays enemies, and tomorrow you will be back to hunting their scalps. Just ask yourself, what would Bismarck do? In the aftermath of battle, when rapine and pillage is winding down, you can smother a personal enemy or two. Wait until nightfall to return to your personal agenda; until then, follow the banners of the Heavenly Host.

Sagittarius: The greatest profits from the fall of the base traitors will be yours. Someone has to handle the paperwork and be conscientious about putting toe tags on this foot or the other, and matching dismembered limb from limb. You will find a book of some interest to you in this struggle. Listen to rousing marches today; better yet, as you assist the fallen with comforting prayers upon the gibbet, compose a poem or two.

Capricorn: Rarely are you the diplomatic one, you are better at extracting confessions or crushing resistance with overwhelming force. In this struggle you are the diplomatic one, the wise voice. Your orderly vision of the way things should be is based upon your realistic understanding of the way things become. Take your place within the ranks of the heaviest guns, the charging war elephants, or the shock artillery. Make sure your flame thrower has an igniter that works. Health returns to you; not your enemies.

Aquarius: This is an uprising that you saw coming, but it is either too soon or too small, or too something, somehow, somewhere that you did not perceive. Which is to say, you will be far away and indisposed when it happens. You will join the ranks of the reserves and find yourself thence called into the key battles which occur in the middle of the battle. No vanguard for you; instead you are in the ranks of the Imperial Guard as they shatter the strongest strongpoint of the foe. What a rush.

Pisces: Being called the first snowflake of the Ice Age is such a understated, unwarlike description of a horrible, grim reality. While mortals may snigger in their spiced wine, the War God Odin rather likes this description and favors your prospects and projects. Anyone who crosses you, crosses Odin today. You many choose to profit from this (you can apply for life insurance for them by internet), or you can choose, well, whatever agenda you wish. The world shakes at your footstep, Pisces. Choose slippers or boots; the effect is the same to the insects crushed under your invincible feet.

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