Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hear no evil, See no evil, Collect no pension

Oh dear, the economic prosperity brought about by progressive policies, social engineering, and fairy cake logic is starting to impact on the holders of the invisible knapsack of white privilege * . The slurpers of white guilt must be happy. Do put aside your cares and wipe your sticky lips for a moment. Savor that smell of redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Other people call it other things, but those other people can be shouted down if they do not use the right, er, left sort of words to describe the situation. Do read the article. Form your own opinions. And utter the words and statements approved of by the progressives; in a nation without free speech you should only share your opinions with people you trust.

Wrap your mouth around this. People who collect pensions are a segment of society in decline. The increasing others are people variously dependent on the state, or the living day to day class of lost souls who wish they were dependent on the state but are disadvantaged by having all their limbs, lack of enthusiasm to put their hand into a punch press, or of the wrong sort of skin color to meet a quota. So, you can safely assume that the Have Pensions are steadily getting overtaken by No Have Pensions. You may also assume that the No Have Pensions do not much like the Have Pensions. If you are progressive, you can also gloat that the Have Pensions tend to have milky skins, and that all of the non milky imports (especially the 2012 voting citizen wave) will not much like the white racists they find here. The muddy waters will not much like the clear water upstream, so to speak. Which is to say that the number of voters willing to seize, tax, or dumb down pensions is on the rise. What you got now ain't what you gonna get. Fo'shizzle'dizzle. I have not touched on economic crisis, the tendency of leftist infiltrated pension funds to invest based on emotions (carbon credit backed equity? polar bear friendly shoes?) rather than, uh, reason. You can research that yourself.

All in all, you can ask your Ouiji board who is going to scoop your pension first: the gub'mint, as a way to level the playing field and find funds to pay for (insert cause here: my favorite is housing for the homeless); the angry always poor never workers as a way to keep themselves in entitlements (beer, cumin, and wide screen televisions from ages 25 to 80); the activists as a way to impress their bum buddies with the elasticity of their mouths over the truths of white privilege (girth and depth and liquid volume). Pension collectors are under attack, culturally, electorally, and financially. Best you check out the black market: it's good for a tax free income, but also a way to hide your assets from redistribution. The media sure as Che sells T-shirts will not explore this issue, you dirty rich white racist pension collecting scum.

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