Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Magi and your future in the stars

The Magi were astrologers who used their knowledge of the movements (and resultant effects) of the stars to predict the future. A delegation was sent to the future King of Israel, much to the disgust of King Herod. You and I are not playing power politics like the Lord of Hosts and the House of Herod. But we can appreciate a look at the year ahead. Bringing a gift to the winning faction is always a good idea.

Peace and Good Will to Men. Peace should last until October, 2012, when Saturn transits into Scorpio, forming a mutual reception with Pluto. War would certainly help Obama get re-elected, given that the illegal immigrant vote is going to go into districts that are already heavy with illegal immigrants, an appeal to patriotism is just what the secret chiefs of the Bolsheviks think will get them the votes they need. October 6, 2012 is the date; Mars is in Scorpio at that time too. December 28, 2012, Saturn and Pluto form a sextile; being in mutual reception something should happen rather good for those Capricorns who work in darkness and Scorpios who profit from agencies of death.

Peace and Good Will to anybody who is acceptable to political correctness. I should qualify myself, 'Men' is a bad term. Speaking of oppression, Neptune transits into Pisces on February 4, 2012. There were earthquakes, or was it a tsunami last time? In keeping with the principle of ability challenges ('dumb is smart', 'tax the worker', and 'four years of hard winter proves Global Warming'), I have lost my notes. Regardless, Neptune, known as The Earthshaker to the ancient Greeks, gets back to running the planet at that time. Pisces is the sign of Christianity, and the ruling Neptune has his trident aimed at those that persecute the Church (which is kind of funny, as real Christians, at least since the suppression of the astrologers in the wake of the reformation, should not believe such things), and if you look at the natural disasters that have been happening under his influence, you can see they are aimed right at the beating black heart of the activists. Mars is in Virgo at this time, so some disease based disaster can be added to Neptune's bag of tricks (Virgo rules disease, yes). Also, with the last of the big three generational planets finally changed sign, things will be set for the next, oh, fifteen years.

The other side of Saturn.
Before Saturn gets into the war business of Scorpio, he will finish up his business of relationships in Libra. Exalted in Libra, Saturn is keeping war at bay, but you may feel his sting in your personal relationships. Perhaps that feeling of having your ego crushed, inadequacies paraded in front of your nose, and deficiencies made apparent. This ends in October, so you have a bit more skin scraping to endure till then.

Jupiter and expansion. Transiting productive Taurus until June, Jupiter promises a certain amount of material prosperity. Search for it on an individual level, not in the economy. In June, Jupiter transits into Gemini, where he is in fall. Pencil whipping is what the gamblers call it: expect petty treachery, double charging, and new taxes from the lying lips of the progressives.

Good enough. You want the details, email me with money.

I, Sargon the Magnificent, wrote this

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