Saturday, December 3, 2011

Stop Harper

There is no question within the ranks of the ability challenged activists that the outrage that is, uh, that hard done by redskin settlement up there somewhere around James Bay, is hard done by. Those evil Harperites. Big meanies. And then again, the ability challenged activists do not mix with the common folk, those plumbers, carpenters, electricians, and dry wall professionals. You know, the working class. Harper hears their whispers.

Harper is setting the lefties up for a fall.

It is no secret to anybody but the sticky faced slurpers of white guilt that the redskins are none too popular with the working class. When I mentioned the two hundred and fifty houses the government was on tap to build in where ever it is, up north, there was rage on the lips of the tired men in the lunchroom. Even the token woman worker was pissed off. Are they a representative sample? How many people do you know that think, well, I cannot say in a society that does not have free speech. The voice of the majority is silent, like when they step over the drunken, er, victim of colonialism, on the sidewalks here in downtown Toronto. For the working class, keeping their single house going (mortgage, insurance, repairs, and cetera) is their daily, weekly, monthly struggle. To be told that after 62 million someone else needs a fresh 250 houses just reminds them of their long standing anger; but their lips snap shut. Such is a country without freedom of speech.

It may surprise the lefties that Harper is the puppetmaster behind this whole scalping party. Sitting at the top of the pyramid of state, he has access to reports and documents the ability challenged activists do not have. Normally this would be a terrible scandal, but I suspect Harper is letting his enemies in the media wrap their elastic lips around the issue to tie themselves to it, just like an alimony father ties a concrete block to the feet of his soon to be absent ex-wife on a moonlight canoe ride on Lake Simcoe. Indeed, the media are painting themselves by association with the hard done by tribes of the rat hole spending cult. When the ugly facts come out the redskins will still be there in their welfare class houses, coughing up TB, and pining for ethanol scent solvents. As for the media, they get a torpedo in the engine room. Every day the Red Star shrieks about the redskins, every day the tax payers scowl when they think of their taxes going down the sewer, and every day Harper sits on the Custer file, a scandal that will make the Red Star and its like minded tax spenders look like the stretched anus Bonobo-Canadians they are.

Look for it.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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