Friday, December 23, 2011

Pagan dispensation holiday

Keep Christ in Christmas, the white right wing extremists say. They are something bad, these people that the Human Rights commissions single out for persecution. The last few years, Christmas has been on the shit list of the left. The ability challenged activists have taken a dislike to it. You can speculate on their real reasons; the excuse is that some sect of leftist voters, tax spenders, is offended. If Christ and his pal, the Lord of Hosts, get offended, they can go crucify themselves. So, good, obedient little tax payers we are, we say Holiday instead of Christmas, and we scurry like the cowed peasants we are as we go about our working class lives, seeking the approval of the stupid, the degenerate, the corrupt; neatly summed up as the cabal of the white marxist traitors. Christmas is bad; Holiday is good.

Close the door to Christmas; open the door for Loki. I should have told you before, but the gods you celebrate, are the gods that live in your heart. Living as we do under the seat of wisdom of the ability challenged activists, whose sphincter of truth opens daily (think of the Red Star), only the atheist world view is included, like peanuts in a chocolate bar, in the approved version. Unfortunately, this is not reality. The gods you celebrate are the ones that live in your heart, or, in other words, manifest in your immediate environment. Christianity was the consensus view for the once pagan West; built upon the blood of the martyrs (do check out that time in Roman history); expanded through the example of missionaries (can you conceive of what was needed to convert an eighth century Germanic war lord); and further expanded through the interwoven strands of constitutional design, economy, scholarship, and bloody terror. As for other consensus views, their development failed in comparison. We live in the present, and comparisons between Christianity and a past mighty Baghdad, Tenochtitlan, or whatever, are false. Right now, the Lord of Hosts has handed the crown of victory to the Christians, and some small grudging acceptance must be made. The Christian religion brings about a Christian world view which brings about a Christian world. If you can find a better system, do let us know. Christianity is the best thing, so far. Pending the arrival of a fresh prophet from the Supreme Librarian of the Universe, of course. Do send us a prophet, Supreme Librarian, and even if He is from Utah, we will follow.

The White Marxist Traitors want us to abandon what works for the shapes made in the smoke they see in their bongs. History does repeat itself, so the history being repeated is that of Robespierre *. Yes, the perfumed and painted lipped elites dislike the Christian faith of the working class. It interferes with their sodomy, boy stroking, and serial infidelity. But as Robespierre discovered, the working class does not wish to lose its opium, its opiate of the masses. So too will the queer-abortion alliance of activists. You can see the cracks in the coalition as we speak. So what? I have made a bold assertion and have not spilled the ten thousand words to explain it fully. I shrug here: I want to talk about the dark gods that the open door of Happy Holiday welcomes in.

That winter solstice, when the daylight is shortest and the night the longest, has always been important in whatever pagan religious system you study. Of course, all those Mayans, Celts, and Egyptians are only to be admired for the cherry picked attributes that fit the Ebonic wits of our activists. You do not get the whole package, just the queer-abortion friendly bits; the wrapping, the packaging, and, above all, do not read the instruction booklet. Regardless, when you take up Saturnalia, you get Saturn, or Cronos, or Wotan. This is a warning to you, the reader. Choose your gods carefully; do your research; approach the Almighty in prayer. Listen to the answer.

Winter begins when the Sun transits into Capricorn. Did you read the omens that cold night? Did you note the shape of the Moon? These pagans loved to read omens. If you could foretell the future, you might not like what you see. Wise Christians discouraged this practice, but the queer-abortion alliance is inviting in back by default. Not everything I saw I liked, but then again not everything I saw related to me. Like Loki, I can enjoy the misfortune of others, especially when they bring it down on their own head (like a guillotine going whisssh-thunk ker-plunk). Loki, who comes with Holiday Greetings, is coming to your neighbors this year. If they did not spit in your face for doing so, you just might want to pray for them.

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