Sunday, December 11, 2011

Personal Horoscope for WS

The initial first impression you make upon people is not necessarily accurate. It may be quite some time for this error in perception to be made right. People are more likely to project onto you their wishes and errors of logic, for they assume you are soft and squishy. You are not.

You have a brilliant and ordered mind, well suited for work with logical systems of a physical or verbal nature. Communication will play a key role in your profession. Even more so, you will rise to a position of influence over people based upon what you direct your concentration upon. You will act as an intermediary between the great ideas of the age and the vulgar plebs who need to have these ideas explained to them. You will be of great influence on the truly powerful, who will come to value your judgement and insight.

You have an intense nature which is embarrassed by itself. You are caught up in an internal conflict between the tranquility of equilibrium, and the dissonance of getting there. You will be constantly confronted with the necessity of pushing others towards tranquility, and in the pushing this will disturb your tranquility. None the less, those in need of transformation will be attracted to you; whereas those who are in a state of equilibrium will tend to drift away.

You will come to have great power over large numbers of people. The secret implications of the rule of law will be your province; you can perceive the effects of shared beliefs especially towards self-undoing or raising up of the human soul. You will be the one who stands outside the ordered structure and performs works the paradoxes before the machine of process is started. The structures you design will survive for the length of the Aquarian age, which has some two thousand more years to go. Before you come into your glory, you will practice the law givers art upon lesser mortals, in smaller numbers. There will be a pattern of similarity, from smaller systems to larger, as you grow older in age and greater in wisdom.

Your friends will provide comfort for you; some will become your open rivals. Through your friends will come gifts and pleasures which are toxic. As you are a person seeking transformation, you could quite well be caught up traveling down to the underworld with some lost soul just to be considered a good companion. Some of your friends will become open enemies, and a few will make noises about being your secret rival. Your secret enemies will be in the open, for all their yammer. This is a blessing.

Your inheritance from your family will be delayed or denied. You have inherited something from your family which you do not want, which you abhor. The extent and implications of this dark inheritance you will keep secret, and in any case few others will understand the scope or nature of this 'family curse that comes with the family estates in Transylvania'. You will overcome this burden, but it will be easiest after you father passes away. One lingering effect of this is that you will either doubt your creative skills, or denigrate them as a way of punishing someone out of your past.

You have an advantage
in that you can take the omens in your everyday life. The common people you rub shoulders on you daily travels are representative of The People. You can hear the vox populi, vox dei. You can take the omens from everyday occurrences. This is a rare gift.

In business dealings
you have higher standards than the pirates and cut throats you will mix with. The villains who seek to take advantage of you find their undoing when they cross pens with you; which unfortunately means that the universe uses you as a way to thin out the numbers of telemarketers and bandits. On the other hand, you will be popular with your co-workers and will receive some real blessings from them.


A metamorphosis of your values. Major changes to occur in your financial situation. If you have nothing now, you will end up having something.

Your sense of pleasure and enjoyment is heightened. Any love relationship will have an amazing intensity. Creative or artistic abilities will be increased in depth and tempo. Your work will have a profound effect upon others.

Climax on 5 March 2012, change of direction on 11 April 2012, and another climax on 18 May 2012. Transit should be in effect starting 27 January 2012 through 2 July 2012. Starts again on 30 November 2012, climax on 29 December 2012, ends 27 January 2013. Third pass starts on 5 July 2013, climax on 21 August 2013, change of direction on 21 September 2013, another climax on 20 October 2013, and fades after 1 December 2013.

While this is going on, another, more profound transit will occur, but this will fade in as the other fades out.

A test of your strength and energy with which you have attached yourself to the world.

You will be forced into action, and force others into action. External events will challenge you; and you will act as a focal point for transformation of the collective. You will use ruthless methods, or advocate these methods, in order to overcome forces overstepping their bounds. You will be the voice, the source of ideas and inspiration in the struggle of the many against tyranny. Your ideas will have great influence and effect.

This transit starts around April 2012: you will get a hint of what the future bodes that month, although on 11 April 2012 the storm clouds on the horizon will disperse. This is a warning for you to make preparations. Do not think it gone, for it will return 8 January 2013, climax on 7 February 2013, and end (for the first trial) on 31 March 2013. Subsequently, a change of direction in April 2013, followed by a climax on 22 June 2013, and fade after 2 August 2013. The final transit of this will start on 7 November 2013, climax on 11 December 2013, and finally fade after 9 January 2014. There might be some sort of wreckage to be cleaned up starting 5 August 2014, with a change in direction 23 September 2014, and a final ending after 9 November 2014.

Dates for transits are fading in and fading out are approximate, give or take a few days. Climax dates are specific.

I, Sargon the Magnificent, wrote this.

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