Saturday, April 20, 2013

False Flag Sale

It is hard to get past all the false flag frenzy on the internet with this Boston Marathon event.

It is not so much the incompetence of the ability challenged media feeding these theories, but the fact that a majority of people (er, the subset that accesses the internet for information) have a predisposition of distrust of the state, and hence are fertile ground. We are in the situation where it does not matter what happens. Nobody much believes the media. Instead, based on preconceived notions, conspiracy theories arise to fit the narrative into a framework.

Some well crafted presentations can now be found supporting Theory A or Theory B. You can find what you want to believe on the internet. The Media is no longer the arbiter of truth, they are just swimming with the crocodiles like the rest of us. Except that nobody much likes them, the Media. How long will they last as hunted prey? Die, Media, Die.

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  1. The chatter about false flag is everywhere, on every side.