Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Vigilante Precedent

Gosh darn, are you following the press about what's her name, the girl who got raped and the photos got passed around? Yes, the CBC mentioned that her name is Heather, spelled backwards. Gosh darn, where was the caring media before she got into trouble? Probably out trying to bully Mayor Ford or tell us that the great ice storm is proof of Global Warming.

 The interesting point: The involvement of the group Anonymous. I remember my socialist math teacher in high school saying that vigilantes were an evil manifestation of capitalism. Always bad. After all, vigilantes are not accountable to anybody; and for that matter, anybody can claim to be a member of these secret groups.

 So much for Socialist Theory. I guess it got changed. After all, Socialism is the only system that will work, and it has never been tried. So, the idea that vigilantes are bad is not longer true. Do observe that the socialists are all happy as pigs in shit about the work of these vigilantes. This is a precedent. Vigilantes are now on the table.

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