Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Next War

When the oil runs out, and the ice caps melt, where will Mars go camping next?

Let me be frank: Not everybody believes in Peak Oil. It is a debatable topic. But, bear with me. Belief in Peak Oil is one of the requirements of political correctness. And for the majority of our aristocrats, safely snuggled in the high paying, high pensioned, cumulative sick days, jobs that they have obtained for reasons of loyalty to political correctness, and not ability, it is a requirement to burble agreement to this. You would not want to miss out on promotion, vacation-junket to winter sports mecca or summer camping mecca or cultural mecca, now would you? So, regardless if you believe in Peak Oil, the non-ability aristocrats who push policy down the taxpayers throats, do. And it is proper to speculate upon the future world that these sensitive, caring, well-paid, well connected relatives, school chums, and casual sex partners of the aristocracy have to prepare for with your money and their non-Canadian socialist ideals.

When the ice caps melt, there will be terrible destruction to coastal settlements. They will be underwater, no? And the progressive world will rush to the assistance of these unfortunates. But this is not the subject of this particular post. Let us just assume that the ice caps have melted, xillions of non-white people have been forced from their mud huts and dried dung villages, and their misery is even more than the infinitely worse situation that they are in now.

Growing oil from corn. Let us assume that an alternate, sustainable source of fuel is found in the form of cropping corn. Those areas on the planet that produce corn will become important, will they not? Some countries on the planet have great corn-for-fuel reserves, some do not.

Give peace a chance. Currently, the powers on the planet (military, like America, Russia, China, Europe, Japan) have little taste for conflict. How long will this last? And given the distaste of progressives for nuclear weapons, let us assume that the atomic bomb is not going to be used. Seriously, can you imagine Obama using nuclear weapons to protect the continental United States from anyone, where everyone has a good guilt claim on the United States? No, the Next War will feature conventional weapons (tanks, artillery, infantry, jets, and dreadnoughts) fueled by corn alcohol.

The Power of Conjecture. Yes, there are many assumptions here. You can quibble and split hairs. You are powerless, anyway, you are not an aristocrat who sits in Ottawa or Washington who does believe in Peak Oil (or has to to keep his/her/its job, get a promotion, get an invite to Vail for the sking vacation-study weekend on Global Warming), and the aristocrats would more believe me than not. Yes?

The magic mirror. So, where will the next major ground war be fought? Last two biggies were in Europe, with some minor-major ones in the Middle East. Vast destruction, displacement of populations, and all that stuff. Very sad, great emotionally evocative pictures, and supreme fodder for the make the taxpayers feel guilty to pay taxes industry. But, aside from the 'war is bad' meme, where will the next great war be fought?

Lets start with Europe. No, not this time. After Obama ended the special relationship with the racist, oppressive English, you would know that the English would be off looking for a new set of allies, chums, and people to rearm with. And you would know that the French rejoined NATO within a week of the Obama kicking the English to the curb. I say, so I assume, that the British, French, and Germans are now in a nice tight alliance, which would a) bring in the minor European powers and b) make the likelyhood of the Next War being fought in Europe slim to none.

How about Israel. Once the Americans abrogate their relationship with Israel, that country is toast. That is a post in itself, but lets assume that the Crusader Kingdom of Israel goes the way of the last one. This is an assumption, of course. It is hard to see Israel stand on alone, itself against the outraged, underfunded, and suicidally inclined neighbours in all those surrounding global villages, especially when activists are sending school supplies, used computers, and John Lennon CD's to them all.

Take your pick. You can sample through a number of areas on the planet, and forgive me for not doing a thorough job and investigating, discussing, and exploring each one. No, in true activist intellectual fashion, I will ignore them and just get to the next point.

America in Decline. Everybody who is a hyphenated American wants America to rush down the toilet. Reparations for not fighting the Civil War soon enough, for not bombing the meanie Nazis enough, for bombing the peaceful Germans too much, for an economic system based on ability and not race, color, or creed, are all in the air. Conveniently, there is a large faction within the United States which hates it. And the Hate-Americans have friends and material support in the form of activists and progressives. Regardless of how you cut the dried dung bricks, the global village that is America is going down. And in the going, the wars that were once fought on the exterior will now move to the interior, aided and abetted by other world powers (that have survived the melting of the ice caps and the loss of oil).

The Next War will be fought to bring America low. The Hate-Americans will cheer from their office buildings and ivory towers. The B-52's will be grounded from lack of carbon credits to pay for fuel, the Carrier Task Forces will rust from lack of homosexual officer cadre, and the Marines will be disbanded or disarmed because they do not serve enough tofu. The enemies of America will look for a nice big place to deploy troops to threaten the land borders of that country.

South America. You do not have to be a professor of guilt to realize that this particular continent will have its consciousness raised with a healthy infusion of internationalist subversives, partisan uprisings, and social unrest. But Mexico is not the best place to invade America from. No, for that you need Canada.

Canada, battle field of World War Three. The jihad against the Americans will be launched from this country. Canada will be the battlefield of the Next War. I can find several global villages in Toronto that would like nothing better than to attack the USA right now. What of in a few decades when immigration and breeding make these factions larger? Add some outside help, followed by ground troops, supplied through the strategic port of Churchill, Manitoba, and you have it. Can you see it?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this

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