Monday, February 11, 2013

How to do a love spell

I have to address this issue.  I am getting Google hits on an older piece I wrote. 

So, you want a love spell, eh?

Step one: Have your natal horoscope cast.  You will need to know the position by sign of your natal Venus and Mars.

Step two: Get a decent deck of tarot cards.  You will need the major trumps that represent Mars (The Lightning Struck Tower), and Venus (The Empress).

Step three: From your decent deck of tarot cards select the major trumps for the signs that Mars and Venus reside in. (Complications: if you have Venus and Mars in the same sign, see the Notes below)

Step four: construct a two by two matrix of cards in the following pattern:

  1. Planet, sign
  2. Sign, planet


This will bring your planets into equilibrium and bring you love.  It might not be who you think, and you cannot, using this method, target specific individuals. 

This method can also be used to bring equilibrium to your other planetary pairs.  If you recall the Arabian Parts school of astrology, you will remember that various pairs of the inner seven planets have domain over specific areas.  (Venus and Mars over love, for example). 

If your Venus and Mars are in the same sign, use, for the second sign, the sign opposite.

Sargon the Magnificent wrote this.

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