Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Broken Wand

The Department of Education has a SWAT team. Imagine that.  Well, amongst the cynical, this is nothing surprising.  Go out and talk to your Accelerationist buddies. Across the fruited plain, the police are gathering resources more war like and military than peace keeping and domestic.  Some say they are being equipped for tyranny.  Some say they are being bought off with toys.  Really?  Is it war, then?  The criminals are mobilizing, in numbers and munitions.  Are they?  All these martial preparations: the better question is 'are we preparing for the last war'?

There is a meme in history about the failure of the military mind to adequately prepare for the next war. Is there something magical about a tyrant that allows him to not be prey to this blindness? Assuming, of course, that the purpose of the militarization of the police (and administration, like the Department of Education) is tyranny. You may argue about purpose, I wish to debate effectiveness.

  The future enemy proposed is not the future enemy that will be. Certainly, the Dorner manhunt showed the strategic weakness of the militarized state apparatus in coping with itself. The future enemy of the statists is not whitey, tax payers, Christians, or pro-life activists. The future enemy of the statists are statist factions. Dorner was a single man. What happens when there are two of them? Perhaps a secret combination?  

Open borders and employment equity. Foreign powers can get their people over the border with impunity. Reparations can never satisfy. Employment equity means the foreign subversive, the domestic bred subversive, and the unstable are welcomed into the statist ranks with full access to the arsenal of tyranny. The left movement celebrated the Dorner example. He is now being made into a martyr. He will inspire. But this is not the war the statist tyrants were preparing to fight.  

Should be fun to armchair general these next few years.  

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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