Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Reactionary Impulse

After being told a lie what do you do? Do you know you have been lied to? The more important event is the realization you have been lied to. Being deceived is the inciting incident, yes. However it is the point at which you realize you have been lied to that sparks off the reaction. The reactionary impulse, so to speak. Now, not everyone who realizes they have been deceived react in exactly the same way. Some are 'co-dependent' and crawl back for more abuse. Some avoid, some adapt, and some seek to destroy their tormentors. To complicate our inquiry, we no longer live in a society that celebrates freedom of speech. People discovering the deceptions of the Statists, their whore media, their whore academia, and the whore bureaucracy; are rarely disposed to making public displays. It does not work, and the Statists, being bullies (er, tyrant) punish those that speak out against the plantation. Do I need to give examples? Heck no. I would much rather look at the reactionary impulse, what happens to those who have been pushed too far.

Have you read that article on The Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse? Mister Sacred Cow used to be a kinda middle of the road guy, who avoided and adapted to the Statist Big Lie. Who cares about the Queers, abortion, bible burning, or welfare queens? Nobody much does as long as they are not sparked off to the realization that queer rights, abortion butchery, bible burning, and the cultivation of the welfare plantation are but deception campaigns to conceal a darker agenda of total world domination. Er, something like that. Much as the reactions to deception vary, so too does the reasoning. My opinions are irrelevant. I am but an observer. You do not have to be a trained hypnotist, adept at planting suggestions into the subconscious, to know that the outcome of the reactionary impulse varies by magnitude and direction.

The Pendulum swings hard and fast. Take the epidemic of gun crime, for example. Gosh darn, four minors, 'youths', gunned down so far this year in Toronto, City of Light. The poor kid, a 'good kid', who 'went to school', who was just out 'socializing'. Of course. Like most Canadians, being outside at eleven at night in February out socializing is what I like to do. You know, look up at the blowing snow, feel it cut into my face like needles. Very Canadian. Once again, the Statist media churns out the white wash. There is no public response. If, as proposed by this article, that a serial killer, dressed all in black, just was out blowing away innocents, then I suspect there would be ... public response. Not here. Firstly, there are no Canadians no more. We are all Hyphenated-Canadians. This did not happen to my tribe; the tribe this happened to celebrates the No Snitch'n culture. Nobody cares; and to the extent that the reactionary impulse is spreading like a fission neutron through a core, more people are seeing that the No Snitch'n culture is not what the Statist media, academia, and bureaucracy make it out to be; but something else. Lacking freedom of speech, one cannot say what the new consensus will be.

When the mushy middle of the road people, those get along - get along people start to change their adaption strategy to the Statist world view, I wonder what the new consensus will be. Will N-people be considered a criminal subspecies and subject to Jim Crow 2.0? Queers used to be considered a security risk for foreign powers. Feminists used to care about women. All fronts, feel good facades for a darker agenda. The dark agenda seems to mainly be a deft hand into the wallet. At least, I think so. Some might see treason, foreign infiltration, or diabolical tyranny. As for the Statists, they will use their monopoly of media in league with career advancing police work to create and spotlight crime that fits their world view.

The Statists keep on pushing their last century images.  Meanwhile, more and more are subjected to that 'teach Anders Brevik to knit' moment that pushes them over the edge into Lone Wolf activism.  I wonder what they are going to do, these awakened, oppressed, victims of confiscation of income.  I wonder.
I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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