Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oscar and ass glue

The airwaves, the print media, are filled with Oscar! My morning was contaminated by media. It started when I awoke: Oscar! Like the stench of fart ruins a meal, or the sound of a chronic tubercular cough from the fast food kitchen puts you off your coffee, so too did Oscar! contaminate my morning media reconnaissance. Who watches the Oscars, anyway? Men who wear make up and have fashion sense; women who understand the internal combustion engine; people who have Marx on the bookshelf; and the time keeping never worker whose days are spent sleeping and nights spent with junk food, fornicating, dope, and socialist uproar over first nations causes. Watching movies means subjecting yourself to the loathing of smug as turd on the sidewalk leftist Hollywood liberals; television is a constant picking at scabs; and the print media is about as enticing as a cesspool on a hot summers day. No, I do not watch Oscar! I do not frequent the movies it honors. Oscar! I know of nobody who has self-esteem who follows Oscar! Even my fellows who lead double lives working in the socialist social services sector despise Oscar! The incest that is Hollywood is the entertainment that conforms to the fairy cake world view of those born or whore'd into the post reality Bolshevism of the Golden Bourgeois. It neither entertains nor informs nor reflects reality. It sucks. Nobody is much interested in Oscar! but those in the studios and press rooms that think we should think in ways that support their cocaine lifestyle. Bah. I am here for revenge. I have no idea why Oscar! is thundering across the hollow can filled with pebbles that is the media. And then again, I have no idea why search engines associate my posts with the words "ass + glue". Oscar! and ass glue. Why?

There is one movie that made it to Oscar! that I was dimly aware of. I have not seen it. So, can I speak about it? I can tell you the effect I have observed. Maybe. Maybe not. I do not live in a country that has freedom of speech. Is Django a recruiting film for the Klan? The real Klan, not the uniform fetish crowd. The real racists, who kill people based on ethnicity. Not the fund raiser racists, who balk at confiscated income.

The life of Pi. It has some sort of Canadian connection the broken record of main stream media repeats over and over and over. And over. Every time I went past the movie theater in the shopping mall, there was never a line up for this movie. The graphics company that did the special effects went bankrupt.

Who am I to complain? I boycott the main stream media. I was ignorant of ass glue until the internet. Now, Oscar! is linked to ass glue in the algorithm space much as it is in real life.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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