Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Morning Manhunt

My Monday morning manhunt moment began with the disconcerting news that the manhunted is uncaught. Oh, any god but Christ, what is to become of us progressives, diversives, and other gendered? Wail, gnashing of teeth! Actually, the progressives, the diversives, and the other gendered are cheering the Batman Dark Knight figure of Chris Dorner on. Kinda reminds me of the leftist unrest that accompanied our leftist Ontario premier Bob Rae. Remember that, fellow citizens? Why are leftists (like Obama supporter Dorner) cooking off under the rule of their dreamboat leader? Oh well. There is no free speech in this country so public speculation is suppressed. (You might want to think about it, though: as in, a) is it true the lefties rise up under lefty leadership, and, b) is it possible [if (a) is true] to discourage and/or encourage these uprisings [a sub thought of (b) would be is it possible to direct these uprisings as to target and intensity]; and c) the general case of uprisings: what is the trigger, and can they be directed by target and intensity.) Actually, only a hypnotist with an interest in mass hysteria would be doing any sort of research into that. Anyway, there are other items in the mucked up manhunt to manure up my Monday morning.

Read the manifesto?  Dorner has a manifesto, as did Brevik.  Does the word copy cat come to mind?   It should.  I suggest that future serial killers of the top tier will have to have a manifesto.  Really, can you be considered serious without some sort of manifesto?  It is like a super hero without spandex tights, a spiffy gay bar costume, a reference using the language of dreams to the trauma that twisted your sexuality ...  Anyway, get serious you obsessed, angry and frustrated white-black, white-mexican, or white-gook peoples out there.  Get a manifesto. 

Read between the lines of the manifesto?  The journalists, those whose lips move when they (infrequently) read sure as heck are incapable of analysis.  Their minds stop at the anal part of analysis.  They have last night's anal fisting on the brain.  Do not expect brain thinking from the media.  Nope.  So, you ask yourself, what are you hinting at, Fenris?  Is this one of those things that our lack of freedom of speech progressive tyranny makes you zip the lip?  Heck no.  Simple: Brevik implied that he was a member of an organization.  He was not.  Dark Knight Dorner makes no mention of accomplices.  The logic of Global Warming science says that Dorner is part of an organized group.  Bader-Meinhof comes to Amerikkka!  You can also add in the fact that the Latter Day Gestapo is raiding Dorner's family members as proof that the existence of a multi-tiered, multiple person anti-imperialist urban guerrilla movement now exists on Amerikkkan soil. 

Between the lines.  Dorner makes no mention of explosives.  The Keystone Cops force that is the Los Angeles Police Department (which seems to be gleefully raking in the overtime in a 'do not let a good crisis go to waste'; go figure) has taken no precautions against things that go Ka-Boom.  Another thing Dorner never mentions is the fact he was contacted by agents of a foreign power, recruited, given financing, equipment (weapons, explosives, clothing, surveillance gear, and secret weapons from their evil science department) and a support network of safe houses and crazed killer operatives.  You will probably disagree with me on that one: crossing the Amerikkkan border is impossible to undesirables.  And smuggling stuff over the border is twice as difficult.  No way a few truck loads of James Bond equipment could show up at Dorner's secret compound.  Nobody has secret compounds.  Foreign powers do not have agents in the USA. 

You can rest assured that your confiscated income is being well spent on administrators' pensions.  Someone has to read each others reports.  And choke down fresh perc, fresh ground coffee.   Soon, white-black Dorner will be lured into a Gun free zone.  He will disarm himself after reading the sign on the fence, and then will be talked into surrender by a caring conflict management counselor.  In prison, he will be rehabilitated back to black-black status and conduct a prison ministry for the Religion of Peace.  Being black-black, he will be paroled, write his memoirs, appear on Oprah, and become an elected school trustee.  I feel warm inside.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.  I care.

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