Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fenris Badwulf, caring person

My high school math teacher, who taught socialism instead of math to his math class, taught socialist truth. Truth like laws make criminals. I was talking about this socialist laws make criminals meme to the teller at The Bank of Palermo. Now, where I bank, they treat you like family; because who would you really trust with your money but family? Banks are in the news these days. The banks in Cyprus are taking forty percent of depositors' savings; and now there is talk of doing the same across Europe. No outrage from the welfare classes, of course. They spend money, they do not save. Those seized savings are going to propping up the welfare state. This concerned my friend, the teller at The Bank of Palermo.

The teller was concerned about the reputation of banks, not the activities of welfare scum. If people, the people who save, come to distrust banks (like they now do in Cyprus, and are coming to do, like in Spain and Italy), then a black market in banking will be created. We have a black market in guns, a black market in drugs, and it looks like a black market in banks is coming. He shrugged, my friend the teller, did. The Bank of Palermo is already operating on a black market level: nobody knows where their outlets are, you have to know the secret knock to get through the door, and they do not advertise like the main stream 'we seize your savings' banks do. I suggested we make a trip to one of the main stream banks, just to find out what they are doing, are saying, about this crisis.

I have bank accounts with main stream banks. This gives the statist bureaucracy the comfortable illusion that, somehow, I am still participating in their fairy cake economy, that they can monitor and seize my income, and that I am a serf in lowest tier of their layer cake of oppression. Just how is my main stream banker doing?

My banker cannot really speak english. He is an employment equity hire. The branch staff is a representative sample of the never worker cultures that the bank wishes to lure into checking and savings accounts. I ask him about Cyprus, seizure of savings, and economics in general. His eyes glaze over with tenses other than past and present. The conditional and the subjunctive are as Finnish to him. He gave me a brochure. There was a spelling mistake on the first page. The bank has a tax free savings account. It has deposit insurance. Is it protected from the government? I wonder about the other people whose savings are vulnerable to the moral hazard of state seizure. Sorry for them. I look at my friend, the teller from The Bank of Palermo. We have a black market banking relationship. I have wealth, but not in the form of money. Can I exchange my soon to be seized or worthless pension in?

No pension for you, baby boomer. Maybe now you can see it coming? Maybe not. Let those who are blind fork over their wealth to the statists. Let those who have ears to hear get their wealth hidden. To the black market banking industry!

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this. I care.

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