Monday, March 18, 2013

The Pentagram Strategy

Astute accountants know that astrology will give them the edge they need in todays business environment. Your competitors are supplementing Generally Accepted Accounting Practices with Crystal Ball Management Accounting ... so should you!

The first basic principle of Astrological Business Practices is The Pentagram Strategy. This is the gist of the investment seminar I gave this last Friday at the Mitchieville Public Library which revealed this ancient business model:

The Pentagram is a five pointed figure. In this model, it refers to the five organizations that make up an alchemically perfect entity. For the sake of argument, I shall look at a business that I am currently working with in the Human Organ brokerage sector. There are five organizations:

1) Biolife, a virtuous organ broking entity
2) Acme, a second rate organ brokerage, which is the competitor to Biolife
3) The Friends, a non-profit charity that seeks to promote organ donation
4) The Enemies, a non-profit charity that seeks to oppose organ donation
5) The Order, a secret society that controls Biolife, Acme, The Friends, and The Enemies.

Discussion of the Five organizations

Initially, there would be Biolife. This would be the start up firm, which soon establishes market share, loyal customers, and dependable suppliers. However, other corporations, regardless of the nobility of their corporate missions, have soon found that their activites were under attack from competitors, malcontents, and self-serving dissidents. I suggest that we create and control our own competition.

The second of these organizations is Acme, which is the competition to Biolife. I envision Acme to be a cut-rate, poor quality, and second best supplier of human organs that will serve to make Biolife shine in comparison. Acme will be plagued with poor business practices, incompetent staff, and sloppy transplant protocols. The constant bungling of Acme will make the organ buying public, our customers, realize that the premium rates charged by Biolife are really a bargain. I call this The Ebola Kidney Strategy. Acme will still be a profit center, certainly harvesting a full measure of government money for employment equity hiring based on anything but ability. The profits generated by Acme will be funneled into our hands using The Back Door Strategy.

The third entity will be the critical public interest group which I call The Enemy. Looking back at the automotive sector, how much better would the industry be today if they had the foresight to control Ralph Nader and his pesky organization? I say we can learn from this experience and establish this entity ourselves. It is going to exist anyway, so let us utilize the wisdom of George Orwell in his utopia, 1984. The Enemies will mainly direct their justified ire at Acme, and will be financed through taxpayers money, through some non-Government Organization bunko scheme, which is quite common these days. The Enemies will also draw out any sort of malcontent Biolife employees, suppliers, or recipients. We will be able to use the influence of this lobby group to manipulate the legal process into the direction that serves our personal gain. I call this The Anvil Strategy. The Enemies will also be a profit center, funneling cash into our hands using The Cookie Jar Strategy.

The fourth entity will be the supporting public interest group which I call The Friends. This organization will support organ transplants, raise research money, organize donor card signing drives, scholarships, and tissue typing advances. It will be completely funded by taxpayers; research funds will be funneled into Biolife. We will use the influence of this lobby group to manipulate the legal process in our favor. I call this The Hammer Strategy. This organization will also be a profit center, funneling cash into our hands, where it belongs, using the same Cookie Jar Strategy mentioned above.

The fifth entity will be a command and control element. I suggest that it would best be a secret society. As the four other entities cannot be seen publically to be co-operating with each other, corporate expediency dictates that they co-operate secretly. I suggest that this organization be called The Order. This entity will be a profit center as well, harvesting spin off profits from related organized 'crime' activites.

This is, therefore, The Pentagram Stategy. Five organizations, of which two are companies, two are taxpayer funded lobby groups, and the last is a secret society, which controls them all. One company is good, one company is bad; one lobby opposes, one lobby supports; but of the two sets of publically opposing dualities, there is but one secret group that controls them all. Indeed.

This model utilizes the complete alchemical meanings of the number five, in the aspect of the unifing power of unity (The Order), with respect to the dueling chaos of the two sets of opposed pairs (Biolife versus Acme) versus (The Enemy versus The Friends).

I, Sargon the Magnificent, Financial Astrologer to the Captains of Canadian Capitalism, wrote this.

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