Friday, March 22, 2013

Working document manifesto.

You really cannot be serious now a days without some sort of personal manifesto. Let us start a working document with all the stuff you cannot have in your manifesto.

1) Things to not have in your manifesto:
  1. Repress free speech.
  2. Oppress minorities and women.
  3. Force people to worship against their will.
  4. Abuse religion. Use it as a tool of power, mind control, and manipulation.
  5. Implement fear.
  6. Manufacture, storage, training of your armed forces with weapons of terror, like poison gas, germ agents, radioactive weapons; land mines, booby traps, blinding lasers ...
That will do for now. There are more things you cannot have, obviously.


  1. Radishes.
    I don't think you can put radishes in a manifesto.
    If you do, it's called something else, like blintzes.
    Or like Gibsons and Martinis. Now a three-martini manifesto, I could get into.

  2. Radishes. I never thought of that. Must be those decades of political indoctrination by the Bolsheviks in the Public School system.