Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Cult of the Personality

Using Astrological Accounting methods gives you the edge ... here Sargon the Magnificent, renowned Canadian Financial Astrologer, continues his discussion of The Pentagram Strategy:

After the establishment of the five organizations, a suitable candidate to act as front man should be selected. This person has an important role to play in advancing our agenda. This person is to be known as The Founder. As soon as possible, The Founder should be elevated to divine status. This can be accomplished by The Friends, using skimmed taxpayers money from The Enemy and Acme, all under the covert direction of The Order. The divine status to The Founder is to be established through:

1) Strictly controlled access to The Founder. An early exercise of strength and terror is called for to establish a mindset of fear in the minds of the media.

2) Encourage positive information - The Founder should always be seen in simple, Christ like clothing. Numerous photos (using photo shop and green screen technology) should be available depicting The Founder in acts of saintly humanitarianism, such as working in a 'food bank' (keeping those young organ donors healthy), free health clinics (keeping those young organ donors disease free), helping old ladies across the road (to the Biolife clinic for new parts), working at blood donor clinics (and tissue typing at the same time), and performing 'free' surgery (organ extractions), and rescuing stray kittens.

3) Discourage negative information - The Founder should never be shown doing anything disturbing to anyone, such as smoking a pipe, drinking expensive liquor, screwing whores, or eating food.

4) Critics should be stalked and either turned to our purposes or turned into organ donors.

5) Supporters should be rewarded both openly and secretly. They should be elevated to positions of influence and power in whatever institution they are working in.

6) We should have damaging evidence on everybody. The greater the evidence, the greater we can trust them, in that they will obey the agents of The Order. This applies to both critics and supporters.

7) The Founder will have several expendable assassination doubles to handle dangerous and tedious chores. In the last resort, a double can be dispatched to face trial, imprisonment, or martyrdom while the real Founder continues to enjoy the fruits of shareholder value.

Corresponding to The Founder are the three leaders of Acme, The Enemy, and The Friends.

These three persons, called The Trinity, are not to be elevated to divine status. It is possible for them to migrate from organization to organization, as opportunity arises.

1) Scandals involving Acme are to be controled by The Order. Their purpose is to make Biolife shine, but not bring about the collapse of Acme.

2) Bad news about organ brokerage is to be controlled by The Enemies. Sufficient news is to be released, but never enough to actually cause a decline in cash flow. The Enemy exists merely to keep a legitimate opposition out of this ecological niche. If needs be, the head of The Enemy can be shown to be a disreputable scoundrel, and can bring disrepute on the otherwise legitimate flaws that may exist in the organ transplant industry.

3) Good news about organ brokerage is to be controlled by The Friends. Healthy propaganda is to be generated by operatives of The Order, but fed out in strategic amounts.

The identity of the person who leads The Order is to be secret. Those wishing to invest in The Pentagram Strategy and, ultimately, meet The Secret Chief should attend a seminar at The Fenris Badwulf School of Telemarketing Excellence. You will find out more there, proportional to the amount of your investment and enthusiasm.

I, Sargon the Magnificent, wrote this.

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