Friday, March 15, 2013

The inciting incident

Someone I know got a visit from the police. I do not know about you, but getting a visit from the Cops is a big deal for those of us raised in Ontario culture. After the ethnic cleansing that is progressive immigration policy, getting a visit from the Cops is no longer such a big deal. Heck, it is a plus: you get street cred from your homies. The Police are an army of occupation, enforcing white privilege, racism, and straight white male big dick rule. So it came as a surprise that the sticky with white guilt Toronto School Board would even dirty themselves by involving the police in their leftist versus tax payer feud. Our modern activists excel in stupid. They are ability challenged. I would laugh, except that, well, getting a visit from the Cops is a big deal in my culture.

There is a reason why people use an alias on the internet. The reason is they do not want to get harassed by the police, human resources, or the media. Harassed in the bad sense; not in the good sense, like when the police harass criminals, when HR harasses the guy who is masturbating in the women's washroom, or the media hound dogs a politician who hangs out at whorehouses. Actually, the good sense does not happen now a days, does it? Goon the Gangbanger always claims police harassment; jerking off in the women's washroom is too close to trans-rights; and the politicians who hang out in whorehouses are darlings of the arse licking left. Still, harassment is left.

I live in a country that does not have freedom of speech. Harassment acts to silence peoples words. It does not silence their actions. They vote with their feet and boycott and denial of resources. There are hundreds of families who are more afraid of the activist condoned violence in the school system than the tens of activists in the bunker that is the school board head office. These families have moved away from the city. The activists remain in their bunker. Are the activists afraid now?

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