Saturday, March 16, 2013

Horoscope for the week of March 17, 2013

There are too many planets in Pisces for serious considerations to be considered seriously. Emotions rule, and emotional matters take on practical considerations. Resources come to those that need them, whereas the efforts to acquire resources are dispersed. It is a week for spiritual inquiry.
Aries: Your patron, the War God, has need of your services this week. Your insights into the shape of things to come build through the week until the great crisis that occurs Friday. You will be the first to be aware of the problem, and be the first to implement the solution. Polish up your armor and put an edge on that pole ax, Aries.

 Taurus: Practical considerations take second place to the exciting reality that is your love life, Taurus. This week will be one long orgy. You will rendezvous with a secret admirer on Friday night. Your gift for overeating will gift you with the patronage of the Bear Spirit.

 Gemini: Another week of service to organized crime, Gemini. The layers of deception and incompetence will suddenly crystallize into a system of beautiful disorder that only your shifty mind could appreciate. If you find a dead person stuffed into a closet, do not tell anyone. Their body will just get moved elsewhere before the authorities arrive. Why waste your afternoon explaining that away?

 Cancer: The Goddess of Destruction of Cities smiles upon you this week. She likes the city to be built up before she knocks it over, eh what. Realize that what you build is just there for the interval between now and when the iron hooves of the War God thunder down. So, avoid any home projects to keep your domicile off the radar. 

 Leo: Expect a sudden change in fortunes Thursday. Until that day, your present swampy situation seems destined to last forever. It will not. Silly news will reach you on Tuesday. If anything, you should buy the winning lottery ticket on Tuesday. 

 Virgo: Your forced efforts into inner work reward you with astounding insights on Monday. You will discover a psychic ability to influence the thoughts of others. Any ninja raids you have planned will go well; as will any project that is planned in darkness.  

Libra: The War God smiles upon you and you are summoned to the great conflict of your age. While the philosophy underlying Holy War is repellent to your naturally balanced urges, it is useful to demonize your enemy. I suggest you research the Hundred Years War for some tips on strategy and tactics.

 Scorpio: You are the one practical person on the planet, it seems. Even the roaming zombies of the zombie apocalypse are more sensible than the crazies that the common folk have appeared to become. Still, watch the mob: they are going somewhere and your practical considerations are tying you to the past.

 Sagittarius: The Horse Archer, the sagittaurii was the most effective military technology of the past. Your sign is the Atomic Bomb of the zodiac. Tuesday will give you insight into what happens Thursday. 

 Capricorn: Contentment does not sit well upon your shoulders. Think of it as practicing stone face before battle. Things are going according to plan. If not your plans, then the War God.  

Aquarius: You will gain allies from sources you would normally find distasteful starting on Thursday. Your continued exposure to resistance to reason has worn down your humanitarian side and brought the crusader out of your dark subconscious.

 Pisces: You will not notice the world going to Hell all around you. Personal crisis will keep you distracted. Force yourself to watch the external world: you are singularly well prepared to face 'the zombie apocalypse' that arrives on Thursday, so do yourself a favor and find out about it on Thursday, not Sunday when you go out for a walk in the park.

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